Biswa Nath Ghosh
Biswa Nath Ghosh
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, National Institute of Technology Silchar
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Nanomolar Pyrophosphate Detection in Water and in a Self-Assembled Hydrogel of a Simple Terpyridine-Zn2+ Complex
S Bhowmik, BN Ghosh, V Marjomäki, K Rissanen
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (15), 5543-5546, 2014
A highly selective, Hg 2+ triggered hydrogelation: modulation of morphology by chemical stimuli
BN Ghosh, S Bhowmik, P Mal, K Rissanen
Chemical Communications 50 (6), 734-736, 2014
2, 2′: 6′, 2 ″-terpyridine trimethylplatinum (iv) iodide complexes as bifunctional halogen bond acceptors
BN Ghosh, M Lahtinen, E Kalenius, P Mal, K Rissanen
Crystal Growth & Design 16 (5), 2527-2534, 2016
Synthesis, structure and photophysical properties of a highly luminescent terpyridine-diphenylacetylene hybrid fluorophore and its metal complexes
BN Ghosh, F Topić, PK Sahoo, P Mal, J Linnera, E Kalenius, ...
Dalton Transactions 44 (1), 254-267, 2015
Transition metal ion induced hydrogelation by amino-terpyridine ligands
S Bhowmik, BN Ghosh, K Rissanen
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 12 (44), 8836-8839, 2014
Observation of novel oxygen⋯ oxygen interaction in supramolecular assembly of cobalt (iii) Schiff base complexes: a combined experimental and computational study
M Das, BN Ghosh, A Bauzá, K Rissanen, A Frontera, S Chattopadhyay
RSC advances 5 (89), 73028-73039, 2015
Formation of a novel ferromagnetic end-to-end cyanate bridged homochiral helical copper (II) Schiff base complex via spontaneous symmetry breaking
A Bhattacharyya, BN Ghosh, S Herrero, K Rissanen, R Jiménez-Aparicio, ...
Dalton Transactions 44 (2), 493-497, 2015
Copper (II) complexes with tridentate N2O donor Schiff base isomers: Modulation of molecular and crystalline architectures through supramolecular interactions
M Das, BN Ghosh, A Valkonen, K Rissanen, S Chattopadhyay
Polyhedron 60, 68-77, 2013
Anion modulated structural variations in copper (II) complexes with a semicarbazone Schiff base: Synthesis, characterization and self assembly
M Das, BN Ghosh, K Rissanen, S Chattopadhyay
Polyhedron 77, 103-114, 2014
Synthesis, characterization and magnetic study of two new octahedral iron (III) complexes with pendant zwitterionic Schiff bases
S Jana, A Bhattacharyya, BN Ghosh, K Rissanen, S Herrero, ...
Inorganica Chimica Acta 453, 715-723, 2016
Synthesis, characterization and self-assembly of three dicyanamide bridged polynuclear copper (II) complexes with N2O donor tridentate Schiff bases as blocking ligands
A Bhattacharyya, BN Ghosh, K Rissanen, S Chattopadhyay
Polyhedron 117, 138-147, 2016
Selective detection of pyrophosphate anion by a simple Cd (II) based terpyridine complex
AK Purohit, BN Ghosh, PK Kar
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 188, 547-550, 2018
Bis (μ-tetrazolato-NN′) bridged dinuclear nickel (II) Schiff base complexes: Tandem synthesis, structure and self assembly
M Das, K Harms, BN Ghosh, K Rissanen, S Chattopadhyay
Polyhedron 87, 286-292, 2015
Field-induced ferromagnetism due to magneto-striction in 1-D helical chains
BK Shaw, M Das, A Bhattacharyya, BN Ghosh, S Roy, P Mandal, ...
RSC advances 6 (27), 22980-22988, 2016
Substituent effects in solution speciation of the mononuclear and dinuclear trimethylplatinum (IV) iodide complexes of pyridines
BN Ghosh, D Lentz, S Schlecht
New Journal of Chemistry 39 (5), 3536-3542, 2015
A Comparative Study of the Solution Behavior of Iodotrimethylplatinum (IV) Complexes of Pyridines
B Nath Ghosh, H Hausmann, M Serafin, D Lentz, S Schlecht
Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 639 (12‐13), 2202-2208, 2013
Exchange of pyridine and bipyridine ligands in trimethylplatinum (IV) iodide complexes: substituent and solvent effects
BN Ghosh, S Schlecht
RSC advances 5 (123), 101900-101909, 2015
Synthesis and Structure of Trimethylplatinum (IV) Iodide Complex of 4'‐(4‐Methoxyphenyl)‐2, 2': 6', 2''‐terpyridine Ligand and its Halogen Bonding Property
D Das, S Sutradhar, K Rissanen, BN Ghosh
Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 646 (5), 301-306, 2020
Synthesis and structural characterization of new transition metal complexes of a highly luminescent amino-terpyridine ligand
BN Ghosh, R Puttreddy, K Rissanen
Polyhedron 177, 114304, 2020
Mononuclear and dinuclear trimethylplatinum (IV) iodide complexes of 3-substituted pyridines
BN Ghosh, S Schlecht, A Bauzá, A Frontera
New Journal of Chemistry 41 (9), 3498-3507, 2017
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