Roger Sylvester-Bradley
Roger Sylvester-Bradley
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Physiological processes associated with wheat yield progress in the UK
VJ Shearman, R Sylvester‐Bradley, RK Scott, MJ Foulkes
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Raising yield potential of wheat. III. Optimizing partitioning to grain while maintaining lodging resistance
MJ Foulkes, GA Slafer, WJ Davies, PM Berry, R Sylvester-Bradley, ...
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Analysing nitrogen responses of cereals to prioritize routes to the improvement of nitrogen use efficiency
R Sylvester-Bradley, DR Kindred
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Proposed minimal standards for the description of new genera and species of root-and stem-nodulating bacteria
PH Graham, MJ Sadowsky, HH Keyser, YM Barnet, RS Bradley, ...
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Feed the crop not the soil: rethinking phosphorus management in the food chain
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Ideotype design for lodging-resistant wheat
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A code for stages of development in oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)
R Sylvester-Bradley
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The Issue
SH Foulkes
Psychiatry in a Changing Society, 17-29, 2013
The ability of wheat cultivars to withstand drought in UK conditions: formation of grain yield
MJ Foulkes, RK Scott, R Sylvester-Bradley
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A method for the assessment of the risk of wheat lodging
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Cereal yield gaps across Europe
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N, P and K budgets for crop rotations on nine organic farms in the UK
PM Berry, EA Stockdale, R Sylvester‐Bradley, L Philipps, KA Smith, ...
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