Benjamin Lingnau
Benjamin Lingnau
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Failure of the factor in describing dynamical instabilities and chaos in quantum-dot lasers
B Lingnau, K Lüdge, WW Chow, E Schöll
Physical Review E—Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics 86 (6 …, 2012
Quantum coherence induces pulse shape modification in a semiconductor optical amplifier at room temperature
M Kolarczik, N Owschimikow, J Korn, B Lingnau, Y Kaptan, D Bimberg, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 2953, 2013
Feedback and injection locking instabilities in quantum-dot lasers: a microscopically based bifurcation analysis
B Lingnau, WW Chow, E Schöll, K Lüdge
New Journal of Physics 15 (9), 093031, 2013
Enhanced dynamic performance of quantum dot semiconductor lasers operating on the excited state
C Wang, B Lingnau, K Lüdge, J Even, F Grillot
IEEE Journal of quantum electronics 50 (9), 1-9, 2014
Mode-switching induced super-thermal bunching in quantum-dot microlasers
C Redlich, B Lingnau, S Holzinger, E Schlottmann, S Kreinberg, ...
New Journal of Physics 18 (6), 063011, 2016
Mutual coupling and synchronization of optically coupled quantum-dot micropillar lasers at ultra-low light levels
S Kreinberg, X Porte, D Schicke, B Lingnau, C Schneider, S Höfling, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1539, 2019
Amplitude-phase coupling and chirp in quantum-dot lasers: influence of charge carrier scattering dynamics
B Lingnau, WW Chow, K Lüdge
Optics express 22 (5), 4867-4879, 2014
Nonlinear and nonequilibrium dynamics of quantum-dot optoelectronic devices
B Lingnau
Springer, 2015
Influencing modulation properties of quantum-dot semiconductor lasers by carrier lifetime engineering
B Lingnau, K Lüdge, WW Chow, E Schöll
Applied Physics Letters 101 (13), 2012
Ultra-short pulse generation in a three section tapered passively mode-locked quantum-dot semiconductor laser
S Meinecke, L Drzewietzki, C Weber, B Lingnau, S Breuer, K Lüdge
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 1783, 2019
Understanding ground-state quenching in quantum-dot lasers
A Roehm, B Lingnau, K Luedge
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 51 (1), 1-11, 2014
Feedback-induced steady-state light bunching above the lasing threshold
F Schulze, B Lingnau, SM Hein, A Carmele, E Schöll, K Lüdge, A Knorr
Physical Review A 89 (4), 041801, 2014
Harmonic frequency locking and tuning of comb frequency spacing through optical injection
K Shortiss, B Lingnau, F Dubois, B Kelleher, FH Peters
Optics express 27 (25), 36976-36989, 2019
Ultrafast gain recovery and large nonlinear optical response in submonolayer quantum dots
B Lingnau, K Lüdge, B Herzog, M Kolarczik, Y Kaptan, U Woggon, ...
Physical Review B 94 (1), 014305, 2016
Injection locking of quantum-dot microlasers operating in the few-photon regime
E Schlottmann, S Holzinger, B Lingnau, K Lüdge, C Schneider, M Kamp, ...
Physical Review Applied 6 (4), 044023, 2016
Influence of noise on the signal quality of quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifiers
S Wilkinson, B Lingnau, J Korn, E Schoell, K Luedge
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 19 (4), 1900106-1900106, 2012
Optical injection enables coherence resonance in quantum-dot lasers
D Ziemann, R Aust, B Lingnau, E Schöll, K Lüdge
Europhysics Letters 103 (1), 14002, 2013
Tailoring the mode-switching dynamics in quantum-dot micropillar lasers via time-delayed optical feedback
S Holzinger, C Redlich, B Lingnau, M Schmidt, M von Helversen, J Beyer, ...
Optics express 26 (17), 22457-22470, 2018
Pulse cluster dynamics in passively mode-locked semiconductor vertical-external-cavity surface-emitting lasers
J Hausen, S Meinecke, B Lingnau, K Lüdge
Physical Review Applied 11 (4), 044055, 2019
On-chip optoelectronic feedback in a micropillar laser-detector assembly
P Munnelly, B Lingnau, MM Karow, T Heindel, M Kamp, S Höfling, ...
Optica 4 (3), 303-306, 2017
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