Richard I. Morimoto
Richard I. Morimoto
Bill and Gayle Cook Professor of Biology, Dept of Molecular Biosciences, Northwestern
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Adapting proteostasis for disease intervention
WE Balch, RI Morimoto, A Dillin, JW Kelly
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Regulation of the heat shock transcriptional response: cross talk between a family of heat shock factors, molecular chaperones, and negative regulators
RI Morimoto
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Geroscience: linking aging to chronic disease
BK Kennedy, SL Berger, A Brunet, J Campisi, AM Cuervo, ES Epel, ...
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Cells in stress: transcriptional activation of heat shock genes
RI Morimoto
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M Åkerfelt, RI Morimoto, L Sistonen
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Role of the heat shock response and molecular chaperones in oncogenesis and cell death
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Biological and chemical approaches to diseases of proteostasis deficiency
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The biology of proteostasis in aging and disease
J Labbadia, RI Morimoto
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Activation of heat shock gene transcription by heat shock factor 1 involves oligomerization, acquisition of DNA-binding activity, and nuclear localization and can occur in the …
KD Sarge, SP Murphy, RI Morimoto
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Conserved features of eukaryotic hsp70 genes revealed by comparison with the nucleotide sequence of human hsp70.
C Hunt, RI Morimoto
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Proteotoxic stress and inducible chaperone networks in neurodegenerative disease and aging
RI Morimoto
Genes & development 22 (11), 1427-1438, 2008
The threshold for polyglutamine-expansion protein aggregation and cellular toxicity is dynamic and influenced by aging in Caenorhabditis elegans
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Monocyte-derived alveolar macrophages drive lung fibrosis and persist in the lung over the life span
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Regulation of Longevity in Caenorhabditis elegans by Heat Shock Factor and Molecular Chaperones
JF Morley, RI Morimoto
Molecular biology of the cell 15 (2), 657-664, 2004
Chaperoning signaling pathways: molecular chaperones as stress-sensingheat shock'proteins
EAA Nollen, RI Morimoto
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Stress-inducible regulation of heat shock factor 1 by the deacetylase SIRT1
SD Westerheide, J Anckar, SM Stevens Jr, L Sistonen, RI Morimoto
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Complementary signaling pathways regulate the unfolded protein response and are required for C. elegans development
X Shen, RE Ellis, K Lee, CY Liu, K Yang, A Solomon, H Yoshida, ...
Cell 107 (7), 893-903, 2001
Molecularchaperones as HSF1-specific transcriptional repressors
Y Shi, DD Mosser, RI Morimoto
Genes & development 12 (5), 654-666, 1998
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