Guillaume Madelin
Guillaume Madelin
New York University Langone Health
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Biomedical applications of sodium MRI in vivo
G Madelin, RR Regatte
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 38 (3), 511-529, 2013
Brain tissue sodium concentration in multiple sclerosis: a sodium imaging study at 3 tesla
M Inglese, G Madelin, N Oesingmann, JS Babb, W Wu, B Stoeckel, ...
Brain 133 (3), 847-857, 2010
Sodium MRI: methods and applications
G Madelin, JS Lee, RR Regatte, A Jerschow
Progress in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy 79, 14-47, 2014
A method for estimating intracellular sodium concentration and extracellular volume fraction in brain in vivo using sodium magnetic resonance imaging
G Madelin, R Kline, R Walvick, RR Regatte
Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-7, 2014
Articular cartilage: evaluation with fluid-suppressed 7.0-T sodium MR imaging in subjects with and subjects without osteoarthritis
G Madelin, J Babb, D Xia, G Chang, S Krasnokutsky, SB Abramson, ...
Radiology 268 (2), 481, 2013
Compressed sensing sodium MRI of cartilage at 7T: preliminary study
G Madelin, G Chang, R Otazo, A Jerschow, RR Regatte
Journal of magnetic resonance 214, 360-365, 2012
Sodium inversion recovery MRI of the knee joint in vivo at 7T
G Madelin, JS Lee, S Inati, A Jerschow, RR Regatte
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 207 (1), 42-52, 2010
Reproducibility and repeatability of quantitative sodium magnetic resonance imaging in vivo in articular cartilage at 3 T and 7 T
G Madelin, JS Babb, D Xia, G Chang, A Jerschow, RR Regatte
Magnetic resonance in medicine 68 (3), 841-849, 2012
Sodium relaxation times in the knee joint in vivo at 7T
G Madelin, A Jerschow, RR Regatte
NMR in Biomedicine 25 (4), 530-537, 2012
Design of a nested eight‐channel sodium and four‐channel proton coil for 7T knee imaging
R Brown, G Madelin, R Lattanzi, G Chang, RR Regatte, DK Sodickson, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 70 (1), 259-268, 2013
Improved assessment of cartilage repair tissue using fluid-suppressed 23Na inversion recovery MRI at 7 Tesla: preliminary results
G Chang, G Madelin, OH Sherman, EJ Strauss, D Xia, MP Recht, ...
European radiology 22 (6), 1341-1349, 2012
Comparison of a 28‐channel receive array coil and quadrature volume coil for morphologic imaging and T2 mapping of knee cartilage at 7T
G Chang, GC Wiggins, D Xia, R Lattanzi, G Madelin, JG Raya, M Finnerty, ...
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 35 (2), 441-448, 2012
Exploration of new contrasts, targets, and MR imaging and spectroscopy techniques for neuromuscular disease–a workshop report of working group 3 of the biomedicine and …
GJ Strijkers, ECA Araujo, N Azzabou, D Bendahan, A Blamire, ...
Journal of neuromuscular diseases 6 (1), 1-30, 2019
Double inversion recovery MRI with fat suppression at 7 Tesla: initial experience
G Madelin, N Oesingmann, M Inglese
Journal of Neuroimaging 20 (1), 87-92, 2010
Classification of sodium MRI data of cartilage using machine learning
G Madelin, F Poidevin, A Makrymallis, RR Regatte
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2015
New concepts in molecular imaging: non-invasive MRI spotting of proteolysis using an Overhauser effect switch
P Mellet, P Massot, G Madelin, SRA Marque, E Harte, JM Franconi, ...
PLoS One 4 (4), e5244, 2009
A flexible nested sodium and proton coil array with wideband matching for knee cartilage MRI at 3T
R Brown, K Lakshmanan, G Madelin, L Alon, G Chang, DK Sodickson, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 76 (4), 1325-1334, 2016
In vivo high‐resolution 3D Overhauser‐enhanced MRI in mice at 0.2 T
P Massot, E Parzy, L Pourtau, P Mellet, G Madelin, S Marque, ...
Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging 7 (1), 45-50, 2012
Magnetic resonance imaging of acoustic streaming: Absorption coefficient and acoustic field shape estimation
G Madelin, D Grucker, JM Franconi, E Thiaudiere
Ultrasonics 44 (3), 272-278, 2006
Imaging of multiphase fluid saturation within a porous material via sodium NMR
KE Washburn, G Madelin
Journal of magnetic resonance 202 (1), 122-126, 2010
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