Young Jai Choi
Young Jai Choi
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Switchable Ferroelectric Diode and Photovoltaic Effect in BiFeO3
T Choi, S Lee, YJ Choi, V Kiryukhin, SW Cheong
Science 324 (5923), 63-66, 2009
Insulating interlocked ferroelectric and structural antiphase domain walls in multiferroic YMnO3
T Choi, Y Horibe, HT Yi, YJ Choi, W Wu, SW Cheong
Nature materials 9 (3), 253-258, 2010
Ferroelectricity in an Ising chain magnet
YJ Choi, HT Yi, S Lee, Q Huang, V Kiryukhin, SW Cheong
Physical review letters 100 (4), 047601, 2008
Ferroelectricity in an Chain Cuprate
S Park, YJ Choi, CL Zhang, SW Cheong
Physical review letters 98 (5), 057601, 2007
Charge-Orbital Density Wave and Superconductivity in the Strong Spin-Orbit Coupled
JJ Yang, YJ Choi, YS Oh, A Hogan, Y Horibe, K Kim, BI Min, SW Cheong
Physical review letters 108 (11), 116402, 2012
Origin of Electromagnon Excitations in Multiferroic
RV Aguilar, M Mostovoy, AB Sushkov, CL Zhang, YJ Choi, SW Cheong, ...
Physical review letters 102 (4), 047203, 2009
Thermally or Magnetically Induced Polarization Reversal in the Multiferroic
YJ Choi, J Okamoto, DJ Huang, KS Chao, HJ Lin, CT Chen, ...
Physical review letters 102 (6), 067601, 2009
Formation of Pancakelike Ising Domains and Giant Magnetic Coercivity in Ferrimagnetic
W Wu, V Kiryukhin, HJ Noh, KT Ko, JH Park, II W Ratcliff, PA Sharma, ...
Physical review letters 101 (13), 137203, 2008
Giant Tunability of Ferroelectric Polarization in
N Lee, C Vecchini, YJ Choi, LC Chapon, A Bombardi, PG Radaelli, ...
Physical review letters 110 (13), 137203, 2013
Collective magnetism at multiferroic vortex domain walls
Y Geng, N Lee, YJ Choi, SW Cheong, W Wu
Nano letters 12 (12), 6055-6059, 2012
Colossal magnon-phonon coupling in multiferroic
RV Aguilar, AB Sushkov, CL Zhang, YJ Choi, SW Cheong, HD Drew
Physical Review B 76 (6), 060404, 2007
Temperature-dependent properties of the magnetic order in single-crystal BiFeO
M Ramazanoglu, II W Ratcliff, YJ Choi, S Lee, SW Cheong, V Kiryukhin
Physical Review B 83 (17), 174434, 2011
Mechanism of exchange striction of ferroelectricity in multiferroic orthorhombic HoMnO single crystals
N Lee, YJ Choi, M Ramazanoglu, II W Ratcliff, V Kiryukhin, SW Cheong
Physical Review B 84 (2), 020101, 2011
Cross-control of magnetization and polarization by electric and magnetic fields with competing multiferroic and weak-ferromagnetic phases
YJ Choi, CL Zhang, N Lee, SW Cheong
Physical review letters 105 (9), 097201, 2010
Multiferroicity in the square-lattice antiferromagnet of Ba2CoGe2O7
HT Yi, YJ Choi, S Lee, SW Cheong
Applied Physics Letters 92 (21), 2008
Giant Anisotropic Magnetocaloric Effect in Double-perovskite Gd2CoMnO6 Single Crystals
JY Moon, MK Kim, YJ Choi, N Lee
Scientific reports 7 (1), 16099, 2017
Van der Waals junction field effect transistors with both n-and p-channel transition metal dichalcogenides
JY Lim, M Kim, Y Jeong, KR Ko, S Yu, HG Shin, JY Moon, YJ Choi, Y Yi, ...
npj 2D Materials and Applications 2 (1), 37, 2018
3: 1 magnetization plateau and suppression of ferroelectric polarization in an Ising chain multiferroic
YJ Jo, S Lee, ES Choi, HT Yi, II W Ratcliff, YJ Choi, V Kiryukhin, ...
Physical Review B 79 (1), 012407, 2009
Origin of Electric-Field-Induced Magnetization in Multiferroic
BG Ueland, JW Lynn, M Laver, YJ Choi, SW Cheong
Physical review letters 104 (14), 147204, 2010
Order by Static Disorder in the Ising Chain Magnet
V Kiryukhin, S Lee, II W Ratcliff, Q Huang, HT Yi, YJ Choi, SW Cheong
Physical review letters 102 (18), 187202, 2009
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