Maria Rosaria Gallipoli
Maria Rosaria Gallipoli
Ricercatore, CNR-IMAA
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A critical review of 10 years of microtremor HVSR technique
M Mucciarelli, MR Gallipoli
Boll. Geof. Teor. Appl 42 (3-4), 255-266, 2001
Empirical estimate of fundamental frequencies and damping for Italian buildings
MR Gallipoli, M Mucciarelli, M Vona
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Proposal for a soil classification based on parameters alternative or complementary to Vs,30
L Luzi, R Puglia, F Pacor, MR Gallipoli, D Bindi, M Mucciarelli
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Empirical estimates of dynamic parameters on a large set of European buildings
MR Gallipoli, M Mucciarelli, B Šket-Motnikar, P Zupanćić, A Gosar, ...
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Structure, soil–structure response and effects of damage based on observations of horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratios of microtremors
MR Gallipoli, M Mucciarelli, RR Castro, G Monachesi, P Contri
Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering 24 (6), 487-495, 2004
Analysis of RC building dynamic response and soil-building resonance based on data recorded during a damaging earthquake (Molise, Italy, 2002)
M Mucciarelli, A Masi, MR Gallipoli, P Harabaglia, M Vona, F Ponzo, ...
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M Mucciarelli, MR Gallipoli, M Arcieri
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Comparison of Site Classification from VS30, VS10, and HVSR in Italy
MR Gallipoli, M Mucciarelli
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Analysis and modeling of HVSR in the presence of a velocity inversion: the case of Venosa, Italy
D Di Giacomo, MR Gallipoli, M Mucciarelli, S Parolai, SM Richwalski
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 95 (6), 2364-2372, 2005
Detection of directivity in seismic site response from microtremor spectral analysis
V Del Gaudio, S Coccia, J Wasowski, MR Gallipoli, M Mucciarelli
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 8 (4), 751-762, 2008
Comparison between Vs30 and other estimates of site amplification in Italy
M Mucciarelli, MR Gallipoli
First European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, 2006
Evaluation and considerations about fundamental periods of damaged reinforced concrete buildings
R Ditommaso, M Vona, MR Gallipoli, M Mucciarelli
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The influence of wind on measurements of seismic noise
M Mucciarelli, MR Gallipoli, D Di Giacomo, F Di Nota, E Nino
Geophysical Journal International 161 (2), 303-308, 2005
Comparision of geological and geophysical prospecting techniques in the study of a landslide in Southern Italy
MR Gallipoli, V Lapenna, P Lorenzo, M Mucciarelli, A Perrone, S Piscitelli, ...
European Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics 4, 117-128, 2000
Far field damage on RC buildings: the case study of Navelli during the L’Aquila (Italy) seismic sequence, 2009
M Mucciarelli, M Bianca, R Ditommaso, MR Gallipoli, A Masi, C Milkereit, ...
Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 9, 263-283, 2011
Dynamic survey of the Musmeci bridge by joint application of ground-based microwave radar interferometry and ambient noise standard spectral ratio techniques
TA Stabile, A Perrone, MR Gallipoli, R Ditommaso, FC Ponzo
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters 10 (4), 870-874, 2013
The HVSR technique from microtremor to strong motion: empirical and statistical considerations
M Mucciarelli, MR Gallipoli
Proc. of 13th World Conference of Earthquake Engineering, Vancouver, BC …, 2004
Performance of the health facilities during the 2012 Emilia (Italy) earthquake and analysis of the Mirandola hospital case study
A Masi, G Santarsiero, MR Gallipoli, M Mucciarelli, V Manfredi, A Dusi, ...
Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering 12, 2419-2443, 2014
Interferometric analysis of strong ground motion for structural health monitoring: the example of the L’Aquila, Italy, seismic sequence of 2009
M Picozzi, S Parolai, M Mucciarelli, C Milkereit, D Bindi, R Ditommaso, ...
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 101 (2), 635-651, 2011
Surface and subsurface of the Metaponto Coastal Plain (Gulf of Taranto—southern Italy): Present-day-vs LGM-landscape
M Tropeano, A Cilumbriello, L Sabato, S Gallicchio, A Grippa, ...
Geomorphology 203, 115-131, 2013
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