Zheng Xiao GUO (郭正晓)
Zheng Xiao GUO (郭正晓)
Ostala imenaZ. Xiao Guo, Zhengxiao Guo
HKU; UCL; QMUL; Oxford; Strathclyde; Manchester; Academia Europaea; RSC; IoM3
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Visible-light driven heterojunction photocatalysts for water splitting–a critical review
SJA Moniz, SA Shevlin, DJ Martin, ZX Guo, J Tang
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (3), 731-759, 2015
Highly Efficient Photocatalytic H2 Evolution from Water using Visible Light and Structure‐Controlled Graphitic Carbon Nitride
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R Ding, ZX Guo
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Multivalency-Driven Formation of Te-Based Monolayer Materials: A Combined First-Principles and Experimental study
Z Zhu, X Cai, S Yi, J Chen, Y Dai, C Niu, Z Guo, M Xie, F Liu, JH Cho, ...
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Active Sites Engineering Leads to Exceptional ORR and OER Bifunctionality in P,N Co-Doped Graphene Frameworks
GL Chai, K Qiu, M Qiao, MM Titirici, C Shang, Z Guo
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Tuning the interlayer spacing of graphene laminate films for efficient pore utilization towards compact capacitive energy storage
Z Li, S Gadipelli, H Li, CA Howard, DJL Brett, PR Shearing, Z Guo, ...
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Exceptional CO2 capture in a hierarchically porous carbon with simultaneous high surface area and pore volume
G Srinivas, V Krungleviciute, ZX Guo, T Yildirim
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X Han, HM Stewart, SA Shevlin, CRA Catlow, ZX Guo
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Materials challenges for the development of solid sorbents for post-combustion carbon capture
TC Drage, CE Snape, LA Stevens, J Wood, J Wang, AI Cooper, ...
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Influence of selected alloying elements on the stability of magnesium dihydride for hydrogen storage applications: A first-principles investigation
Y Song, ZX Guo, R Yang
Physical Review B 69 (9), 094205, 2004
High‐Performance All‐Carbon Yarn Micro‐Supercapacitor for an Integrated Energy System
Q Meng, H Wu, Y Meng, K Xie, Z Wei, Z Guo
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A thermally derived and optimized structure from ZIF-8 with giant enhancement in CO2 uptake
S Gadipelli, W Travis, W Zhou, Z Guo
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Efficient Visible Light-Driven Water Oxidation and Proton Reduction by an Ordered Covalent Triazine-Based Framework
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Highly Effective Sites and Selectivity of Nitrogen-Doped Graphene / CNT Catalysts for CO2 Electrochemical Reduction
GL Chai, ZX Guo
Chemical Science 7, 1268-1275, 2016
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