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Bahar Koymen
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The reasons young children give to peers when explaining their judgments of moral and conventional rules.
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Preschoolers use common ground in their justificatory reasoning with peers.
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Reasoning during joint decision-making by preschool peers
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Children's norm enforcement in their interactions with peers
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Codes, code-switching, and context: style and footing in peer group bilingual play
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Common ground and development
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Young children mostly keep, and expect others to keep, their promises
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Children's reasoning with peers in cooperative and competitive contexts
A Domberg, B Köymen, M Tomasello
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Validating justifications in preschool girls' and boys' friendship group talk: Implications for linguistic and socio-cognitive development.
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Children’s meta-talk in their collaborative decision making with peers
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The early ontogeny of reason giving
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Children’s reasoning with peers and parents about moral dilemmas.
M Mammen, B Köymen, M Tomasello
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Effects of parenting and child temperament on the development of prosocial behavior: The mediating role of theory of mind
B Yağmurlu, A Sanson, B Köymen
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Young children’s ability to produce valid and relevant counter‐arguments
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Young children create partner-specific referential pacts with peers.
B Köymen, D Schmerse, E Lieven, M Tomasello
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Young children’s moral judgments depend on the social relationship between agents
M Mammen, B Köymen, M Tomasello
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Syntactic and semantic coordination in finite complement-clause constructions: a diary-based case study
B Köymen, E Lieven, S Brandt
Journal of child language 43 (1), 22-42, 2016
Children choose to reason with partners who submit to reason
A Domberg, B Köymen, M Tomasello
Cognitive Development 52, 100824, 2019
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