Parag Vaishampayan
Parag Vaishampayan
Space Biology Portfolio Scientist, NASA Ames
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Schrödinger’s microbes: tools for distinguishing the living from the dead in microbial ecosystems
JB Emerson, RI Adams, CMB Román, B Brooks, DA Coil, K Dahlhausen, ...
Microbiome 5, 1-23, 2017
Comparative metagenomics and population dynamics of the gut microbiota in mother and infant
PA Vaishampayan, JV Kuehl, JL Froula, JL Morgan, H Ochman, ...
Genome biology and evolution 2, 53-66, 2010
Fundamental biological features of spaceflight: advancing the field to enable deep-space exploration
E Afshinnekoo, RT Scott, MJ MacKay, E Pariset, E Cekanaviciute, ...
Cell 183 (5), 1162-1184, 2020
Janibacter hoylei sp. nov., Bacillus isronensis sp. nov. and Bacillus aryabhattai sp. nov., isolated from cryotubes used for collecting air from the upper atmosphere
S Shivaji, P Chaturvedi, Z Begum, PK Pindi, R Manorama, ...
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 59 (12 …, 2009
Five simple guidelines for establishing basic authenticity and reliability of newly generated fungal ITS sequences
RH Nilsson, L Tedersoo, K Abarenkov, M Ryberg, E Kristiansson, ...
MycoKeys 4, 37-63, 2012
Microbiomes of the dust particles collected from the International Space Station and Spacecraft Assembly Facilities
A Checinska, AJ Probst, P Vaishampayan, JR White, D Kumar, ...
Microbiome 3, 1-18, 2015
Characterization of the microbiome of nipple aspirate fluid of breast cancer survivors
AA Chan, M Bashir, MN Rivas, K Duvall, PA Sieling, TR Pieber, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 28061, 2016
Venus' spectral signatures and the potential for life in the clouds
SS Limaye, R Mogul, DJ Smith, AH Ansari, GP Słowik, P Vaishampayan
Astrobiology 18 (9), 1181-1198, 2018
New perspectives on viable microbial communities in low-biomass cleanroom environments
P Vaishampayan, AJ Probst, MT La Duc, E Bargoma, JN Benardini, ...
The ISME Journal 7 (2), 312-324, 2013
Resistance of bacterial endospores to outer space for planetary protection purposes—experiment PROTECT of the EXPOSE-E mission
G Horneck, R Moeller, J Cadet, T Douki, RL Mancinelli, WL Nicholson, ...
Astrobiology 12 (5), 445-456, 2012
Decolourization of naphthalene-containing sulfonated azo dyes by Kerstersia sp. strain VKY1
MH Vijaykumar, PA Vaishampayan, YS Shouche, TB Karegoudar
Enzyme and Microbial Technology 40 (2), 204-211, 2007
The gut as reservoir of antibiotic resistance: microbial diversity of tetracycline resistance in mother and infant
LE de Vries, Y Vallès, Y Agersø, PA Vaishampayan, A García-Montaner, ...
PloS one 6 (6), e21644, 2011
International Space Station environmental microbiome—microbial inventories of ISS filter debris
K Venkateswaran, P Vaishampayan, J Cisneros, DL Pierson, SO Rogers, ...
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 98, 6453-6466, 2014
Survival of Bacillus pumilus Spores for a Prolonged Period of Time in Real Space Conditions
PA Vaishampayan, E Rabbow, G Horneck, KJ Venkateswaran
Astrobiology 12 (5), 487-497, 2012
Microbial diversity in uranium mining-impacted soils as revealed by high-density 16S microarray and clone library
G Rastogi, S Osman, PA Vaishampayan, GL Andersen, LD Stetler, ...
Microbial ecology 59, 94-108, 2010
Isolation and characterization of Arthrobacter sp. strain MCM B-436, an atrazine-degrading bacterium, from rhizospheric soil
PA Vaishampayan, PP Kanekar, PK Dhakephalkar
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 60 (4), 273-278, 2007
Microbial and mineralogical characterizations of soils collected from the deep biosphere of the former Homestake gold mine, South Dakota
G Rastogi, S Osman, R Kukkadapu, M Engelhard, PA Vaishampayan, ...
Microbial ecology 60, 539-550, 2010
Microbial diversity in a Venezuelan orthoquartzite cave is dominated by the Chloroflexi (Class Ktedonobacterales) and Thaumarchaeota Group I.1c
HA Barton, JG Giarrizzo, P Suarez, CE Robertson, MJ Broering, ED Banks, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 5, 615, 2014
Pyrosequencing-derived bacterial, archaeal, and fungal diversity of spacecraft hardware destined for Mars
MT La Duc, P Vaishampayan, HR Nilsson, T Torok, K Venkateswaran
Applied and environmental microbiology 78 (16), 5912-5922, 2012
Comprehensive census of bacteria in clean rooms by using DNA microarray and cloning methods
MT La Duc, S Osman, P Vaishampayan, Y Piceno, G Andersen, JA Spry, ...
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75 (20), 6559-6567, 2009
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