Xiangheng Xiao
Xiangheng Xiao
Department of Physics, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, China
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High Mobility MoS2 Transistor with Low Schottky Barrier Contact by Using Atomic Thick h‐BN as a Tunneling Layer
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Interface engineering for high-performance top-gated MoS2 field effect transistors
L Liao, X Zou
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Breaking the current‐retention dilemma in cation‐based resistive switching devices utilizing graphene with controlled defects
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Volume‐enhanced Raman scattering detection of viruses
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3D Flowerlike α-Fe2O3@TiO2 Core–Shell Nanostructures: General Synthesis and Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance
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Plasmon-driven reaction controlled by the number of graphene layers and localized surface plasmon distribution during optical excitation
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Significantly Enhanced Visible Light Photoelectrochemical Activity in TiO2 Nanowire Arrays by Nitrogen Implantation
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Active Electron Density Modulation of Co3O4‐Based Catalysts Enhances their Oxygen Evolution Performance
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A one-pot route to the synthesis of alloyed Cu/Ag bimetallic nanoparticles with different mass ratios for catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol
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Large-scale and controlled synthesis of iron oxide magnetic short nanotubes: shape evolution, growth mechanism, and magnetic properties
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Confining cation injection to enhance CBRAM performance by nanopore graphene layer
X Zhao, S Liu, J Niu, L Liao, Q Liu, X Xiao, H Lv, S Long, W Banerjee, W Li, ...
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Low-cost, disposable, flexible and highly reproducible screen printed SERS substrates for the detection of various chemicals
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Rational design of sub-parts per million specific gas sensors array based on metal nanoparticles decorated nanowire enhancement-mode transistors
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Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Maghemite (γ-Fe2O3) Short-Nanotubes
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Size‐Dependent Nickel‐Based Electrocatalysts for Selective CO2 Reduction
Z Li, D He, X Yan, S Dai, S Younan, Z Ke, X Pan, X Xiao, H Wu, J Gu
Angewandte Chemie 132 (42), 18731-18736, 2020
Ultrasensitive SERS substrate integrated with uniform subnanometer scale “hot spots” created by a graphene spacer for the detection of mercury ions
X Zhang, Z Dai, S Si, X Zhang, W Wu, H Deng, F Wang, X Xiao, C Jiang
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Facile method to synthesize magnetic iron oxides/TiO2 hybrid nanoparticles and their photodegradation application of methylene blue
W Wu, X Xiao, S Zhang, F Ren, C Jiang
Nanoscale research letters 6, 1-15, 2011
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