Charles Christoffer
Charles Christoffer
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Blind prediction of homo‐and hetero‐protein complexes: The CASP13‐CAPRI experiment
MF Lensink, G Brysbaert, N Nadzirin, S Velankar, RAG Chaleil, T Gerguri, ...
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 87 (12), 1200-1221, 2019
In silico structure-based approaches to discover protein-protein interaction-targeting drugs
WH Shin, CW Christoffer, D Kihara
Methods 131, 22-32, 2017
Protein docking model evaluation by 3D deep convolutional neural networks
X Wang, G Terashi, CW Christoffer, M Zhu, D Kihara
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Modeling disordered protein interactions from biophysical principles
LX Peterson, A Roy, C Christoffer, G Terashi, D Kihara
PLoS computational biology 13 (4), e1005485, 2017
Prediction of protein assemblies, the next frontier: The CASP14‐CAPRI experiment
MF Lensink, G Brysbaert, T Mauri, N Nadzirin, S Velankar, RAG Chaleil, ...
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 89 (12), 1800-1823, 2021
LZerD webserver for pairwise and multiple protein–protein docking
C Christoffer, S Chen, V Bharadwaj, T Aderinwale, V Kumar, M Hormati, ...
Nucleic Acids Research 49 (W1), W359-W365, 2021
Modeling the assembly order of multimeric heteroprotein complexes
LX Peterson, Y Togawa, J Esquivel-Rodriguez, G Terashi, C Christoffer, ...
PLoS computational biology 14 (1), e1005937, 2018
PL-PatchSurfer2: improved local surface matching-based virtual screening method that is tolerant to target and ligand structure variation
WH Shin, CW Christoffer, J Wang, D Kihara
Journal of chemical information and modeling 56 (9), 1676-1691, 2016
Navigating 3D electron microscopy maps with EM-SURFER
J Esquivel-Rodríguez, Y Xiong, X Han, S Guang, C Christoffer, D Kihara
BMC bioinformatics 16, 1-9, 2015
A global map of the protein shape universe
X Han, A Sit, C Christoffer, S Chen, D Kihara
PLoS computational biology 15 (4), e1006969, 2019
Real-time structure search and structure classification for AlphaFold protein models
T Aderinwale, V Bharadwaj, C Christoffer, G Terashi, Z Zhang, ...
Communications Biology 5 (1), 316, 2022
Analyzing effect of quadruple multiple sequence alignments on deep learning based protein inter-residue distance prediction
A Jain, G Terashi, Y Kagaya, SR Maddhuri Venkata Subramaniya, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 7574, 2021
Computational structure modeling for diverse categories of macromolecular interactions
T Aderinwale, CW Christoffer, D Sarkar, E Alnabati, D Kihara
Current opinion in structural biology 64, 1-8, 2020
Kinetic and structural parameters governing Fic-mediated adenylylation/AMPylation of the Hsp70 chaperone, BiP/GRP78
A Sanyal, EA Zbornik, BG Watson, C Christoffer, J Ma, D Kihara, S Mattoo
Cell Stress and Chaperones 26 (4), 639-656, 2021
SHREC 2020: Multi-domain protein shape retrieval challenge
F Langenfeld, Y Peng, YK Lai, PL Rosin, T Aderinwale, G Terashi, ...
Computers & Graphics 91, 189-198, 2020
LZerD Protein-Protein Docking Webserver Enhanced With de novo Structure Prediction
C Christoffer, V Bharadwaj, R Luu, D Kihara
Frontiers in molecular biosciences 8, 724947, 2021
Performance and enhancement of the LZerD protein assembly pipeline in CAPRI 38‐46
C Christoffer, G Terashi, WH Shin, T Aderinwale, ...
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 88 (8), 948-961, 2020
VESPER: global and local cryo-EM map alignment using local density vectors
X Han, G Terashi, C Christoffer, S Chen, D Kihara
Nature communications 12 (1), 2090, 2021
SHREC 2021: Retrieval and classification of protein surfaces equipped with physical and chemical properties
A Raffo, U Fugacci, S Biasotti, W Rocchia, Y Liu, E Otu, R Zwiggelaar, ...
Computers & Graphics 99, 1-21, 2021
Study of the Variability of the Native Protein Structure.
X Han, WH Shin, C Christoffer, G Terashi, L Monroe, D Kihara
Encyclopedia of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (3), 606-619, 2019
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