Nithin Nagaraj
Nithin Nagaraj
Consciousness Studies Programme, National Institute of Advanced Studies, IISc
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Efficient, low-complexity image coding with a set-partitioning embedded block coder
WA Pearlman, A Islam, N Nagaraj, A Said
IEEE transactions on circuits and systems for video technology 14 (11), 1219 …, 2004
Image registration system and method
R Mullick, T Poston, N Nagaraj
US Patent App. 11/582,645, 2008
A new complexity measure for time series analysis and classification
N Nagaraj, K Balasubramanian, S Dey
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Arithmetic coding as a non-linear dynamical system
N Nagaraj, PG Vaidya, KG Bhat
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Method and apparatus for segmenting structure in CT angiography
NN Srikanth Suryanarayanan, Rakesh Mullick, Yogisha Mallya, Vidya Pundalik ...
US Patent 20,050,113,679, 2005
Increasing average period lengths by switching of robust chaos maps in finite precision
N Nagaraj, MC Shastry, PG Vaidya
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 165 (1), 73-83, 2008
ChaosNet: A chaos based artificial neural network architecture for classification
HN Balakrishnan, A Kathpalia, S Saha, N Nagaraj
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One-Time Pad as a nonlinear dynamical system
N Nagaraj
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 17 (11), 4029-4036, 2012
Three perspectives on complexity: entropy, compression, subsymmetry
N Nagaraj, K Balasubramanian
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Dynamical complexity of short and noisy time series: Compression-Complexity vs. Shannon entropy
N Nagaraj, K Balasubramanian
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 226, 2191-2204, 2017
Evolution of novel activation functions in neural network training for astronomy data: habitability classification of exoplanets
S Saha, N Nagaraj, A Mathur, R Yedida, S HR
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 229 (16), 2629-2738, 2020
Re-visiting the One-Time Pad
N Nagaraj, V Vaidya, PG Vaidya
arXiv preprint cs/0508079, 2005
Aging and cardiovascular complexity: effect of the length of RR tachograms
K Balasubramanian, N Nagaraj
PeerJ 4, e2755, 2016
Data-based intervention approach for Complexity-Causality measure
A Kathpalia, N Nagaraj
PeerJ Computer Science 5, e196, 2019
Method and apparatus for performing non-dyadic wavelet transforms
N Nagaraj, S Mukhopadhyay, F Wheeler
US Patent App. 10/340,093, 2004
When noise meets chaos: Stochastic resonance in neurochaos learning
NB Harikrishnan, N Nagaraj
Neural Networks 143, 425-435, 2021
Vagus nerve stimulation modulates complexity of heart rate variability differently during sleep and wakefulness
K Balasubramanian, K Harikumar, N Nagaraj, S Pati
Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology 20 (4), 403-407, 2017
Classification of periodic, chaotic and random sequences using approximate entropy and Lempel–Ziv complexity measures
K Balasubramanian, SS Nair, N Nagaraj
Pramana 84, 365-372, 2015
The b-exponential map: A generalization of the logistic map, and its applications in generating pseudo-random numbers
MC Shastry, N Nagaraj, PG Vaidya
arXiv preprint cs/0607069, 2006
A novel perturbation based compression complexity measure for networks
M Virmani, N Nagaraj
Heliyon 5 (2), 2019
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