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How the world’s collective attention is being paid to a pandemic: COVID-19 related n-gram time series for 24 languages on Twitter
T Alshaabi, MV Arnold, JR Minot, JL Adams, DR Dewhurst, AJ Reagan, ...
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Storywrangler: a massive exploratorium for sociolinguistic, cultural, socioeconomic, and political timelines using Twitter
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PS Dodds, JR Minot, MV Arnold, T Alshaabi, JL Adams, DR Dewhurst, ...
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Fame and Ultrafame: Measuring and comparing daily levels of 'being talked about' for United States' presidents, their rivals, God, countries, and K-pop
PS Dodds, JR Minot, MV Arnold, T Alshaabi, JL Adams, DR Dewhurst, ...
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Divergent modes of online collective attention to the COVID-19 pandemic are associated with future caseload variance
DR Dewhurst, T Alshaabi, MV Arnold, JR Minot, CM Danforth, PS Dodds
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Computational timeline reconstruction of the stories surrounding Trump: Story turbulence, narrative control, and collective chronopathy
PS Dodds, JR Minot, MV Arnold, T Alshaabi, JL Adams, AJ Reagan, ...
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The shocklet transform: A decomposition method for the identification of local, mechanism-driven dynamics in sociotechnical time series
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Say Their Names: Resurgence in the collective attention toward Black victims of fatal police violence following the death of George Floyd
HH Wu, RJ Gallagher, T Alshaabi, JL Adams, JR Minot, MV Arnold, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2106.10281, 2021
Ratioing the President: An exploration of public engagement with Obama and Trump on Twitter
JR Minot, MV Arnold, T Alshaabi, CM Danforth, PS Dodds
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ARTS: Automotive Repository of Traffic Signs for the United States
F Almutairy, T Alshaabi, J Nelson, S Wshah
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 22 (1), 457-465, 2019
Image-to-image regression with distribution-free uncertainty quantification and applications in imaging
AN Angelopoulos, AP Kohli, S Bates, MI Jordan, J Malik, T Alshaabi, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.05265, 2022
Long-term word frequency dynamics derived from Twitter are corrupted: A bespoke approach to detecting and removing pathologies in ensembles of time series
PS Dodds, JR Minot, MV Arnold, T Alshaabi, JL Adams, DR Dewhurst, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.11305, 2020
Hurricanes and hashtags: Characterizing online collective attention for natural disasters
MV Arnold, DR Dewhurst, T Alshaabi, JR Minot, JL Adams, CM Danforth, ...
PloS one 16 (5), e0251762, 2021
Probability-turbulence divergence: A tunable allotaxonometric instrument for comparing heavy-tailed categorical distributions
PS Dodds, JR Minot, MV Arnold, T Alshaabi, JL Adams, DR Dewhurst, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.13078, 2020
Object Tracking and Geo-Localization from Street Images
D Wilson, T Alshaabi, C Van Oort, X Zhang, J Nelson, S Wshah
Remote Sensing 14 (11), 2575, 2022
Augmenting semantic lexicons using word embeddings and transfer learning
T Alshaabi, C Van Oort, M Fudolig, MV Arnold, CM Danforth, PS Dodds
Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence 4, 2022
The Sleep Loss Insult of Spring Daylight Savings in the US Is Observable in Twitter Activity
K Linnell, M Arnold, T Alshaabi, T McAndrew, J Lim, PS Dodds, ...
Sentiment and structure in word co-occurrence networks on Twitter
MI Fudolig, T Alshaabi, MV Arnold, CM Danforth, PS Dodds
Applied Network Science 7 (1), 1-27, 2022
Quantifying Changes in the Language Used Around Mental Health on Twitter Over 10 Years: Observational Study
AM Stupinski, T Alshaabi, MV Arnold, JL Adams, JR Minot, M Price, ...
JMIR mental health 9 (3), e33685, 2022
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