S V M Satyanarayana
S V M Satyanarayana
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Pondicherry University
Nema potvrđene e-adrese
Signature of chaos in power spectrum
MC Valsakumar, SVM Satyanarayana, V Sridhar
Pramana 48, 69-85, 1997
Shape and motility of a model cell: a computational study
SVM Satyanarayana, A Baumgaertner
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Bounds on mixedness and entanglement of quantum teleportation resources
KG Paulson, SVM Satyanarayana
Physics letters A 381 (13), 1134-1137, 2017
High pressure Raman spectroscopic study of BaFCl
B Sundarakannan, TR Ravindran, R Kesavamoorthy, ...
Solid state communications 124 (10-11), 385-389, 2002
Role of initial coherence on entanglement dynamics of two qubit X states
CV Namitha, SVM Satyanarayana
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 51 (4), 045506, 2018
Relevance of rank for a mixed state quantum teleportation resource
KG Paulson, SVM Satyanarayana
arXiv preprint arXiv:1308.2815, 2013
Schemes to avoid entanglement sudden death of decohering two qubit system
N Chathavalappil, SVM Satyanarayana
The European Physical Journal D 73, 1-8, 2019
First principles calculations of the thermodynamic stability of Ba, Zr, and O vacancies in BaZrO 3
N Raja, D Murali, SVM Satyanarayana, M Posselt
RSC advances 9 (59), 34158-34165, 2019
Generalized Stokes vector for three photon process
C Shaji, R Ismail, SVM Satyanarayana, A Sharan
Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials 26 (03), 1750040, 2017
Hierarchy in loss of nonlocal correlations of two-qubit states in noisy environments
KG Paulson, SVM Satyanarayana
Quantum Information Processing 15, 1639-1647, 2016
The Θ points of interacting self-avoiding walks and rings on a 2D square lattice
M Ponmurugan, SVM Satyanarayana
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2012 (06), P06010, 2012
Extremal states of qubit-qutrit system with maximally mixed marginals
S Kanmani, SVM Satyanarayana
Physics Letters A 385, 126978, 2021
High Temperature Stability of BaZrO3: An Ab Initio Thermodynamic Study
N Raja, D Murali, M Posselt, SVM Satyanarayana
physica status solidi (b) 255 (3), 1700398, 2018
Collapse transition of short polymers on simple cubic lattice
AAA Jaleel, SVM Satyanarayana
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 759 (1), 012015, 2016
Monte Carlo simulation of actin filament based cell motility
KH Herrmann, SVM Satyanarayana, V Sridhar, KPN Murthy
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PT-symmetry in mutually coupled semiconductor lasers with a non-zero time delay
SVM Satyanarayana, S Sivaprakasam
Physics Letters A 452, 128449, 2022
Model for bidirectional movement of cytoplasmic dynein
S Sumathy, SVM Satyanarayana
Journal of Theoretical Biology 380, 48-52, 2015
Self-assembly of CdSe nanorod arrays by electrophoretic deposition of CdSe nanoparticles
B Vigneashwari, SVM Satyanarayana
International Journal of Nanoscience 10 (06), 1215-1223, 2011
Chaos, order statistics and unstable periodic orbits
MC Valsakumar, SVM Satyanarayana, S Kanmani
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 32 (40), 6939, 1999
Synthesis,13C and15N NMR and infrared studies of cyano(ligand) cobaloximes
A Rajeshwar Rao, S Satyanarayana
Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences-Chemical Sciences 110, 31-36, 1998
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