Ji Miao
Ji Miao
Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
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SIRT1 deacetylates and inhibits SREBP-1C activity in regulation of hepatic lipid metabolism
B Ponugoti, DH Kim, Z Xiao, Z Smith, J Miao, M Zang, SY Wu, CM Chiang, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (44), 33959-33970, 2010
FXR acetylation is normally dynamically regulated by p300 and SIRT1 but constitutively elevated in metabolic disease states
JK Kemper, Z Xiao, B Ponugoti, J Miao, S Fang, D Kanamaluru, S Tsang, ...
Cell metabolism 10 (5), 392-404, 2009
Flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 as a potential player in diabetes-associated atherosclerosis
J Miao, AV Ling, PV Manthena, ME Gearing, MJ Graham, RM Crooke, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 6498, 2015
Frizzled proteins are colonic epithelial receptors for C. difficile toxin B
L Tao, J Zhang, P Meraner, A Tovaglieri, X Wu, R Gerhard, X Zhang, ...
Nature 538 (7625), 350-355, 2016
A pathway involving farnesoid X receptor and small heterodimer partner positively regulates hepatic sirtuin 1 levels via microRNA-34a inhibition
J Lee, A Padhye, A Sharma, G Song, J Miao, YY Mo, L Wang, JK Kemper
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (17), 12604-12611, 2010
Trimethylamine N-oxide binds and activates PERK to promote metabolic dysfunction
S Chen, A Henderson, MC Petriello, KA Romano, M Gearing, J Miao, ...
Cell metabolism 30 (6), 1141-1151. e5, 2019
Functional inhibitory cross-talk between constitutive androstane receptor and hepatic nuclear factor-4 in hepatic lipid/glucose metabolism is mediated by competition for …
J Miao, S Fang, Y Bae, JK Kemper
Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (21), 14537-14546, 2006
Differential Regulation of Rat and Human CYP7A1 by the Nuclear Oxysterol Receptor Liver X Receptor-α
B Goodwin, MA Watson, H Kim, J Miao, JK Kemper, SA Kliewer
Molecular endocrinology 17 (3), 386-394, 2003
Hepatic insulin signaling is required for obesity-dependent expression of SREBP-1c mRNA but not for feeding-dependent expression
JT Haas, J Miao, D Chanda, Y Wang, E Zhao, ME Haas, M Hirschey, ...
Cell metabolism 15 (6), 873-884, 2012
Upregulation of METTL14 mediates the elevation of PERP mRNA N6 adenosine methylation promoting the growth and metastasis of pancreatic cancer
M Wang, J Liu, Y Zhao, R He, X Xu, X Guo, X Li, S Xu, J Miao, J Guo, ...
Molecular cancer 19, 1-15, 2020
Bile acid signaling pathways increase stability of Small Heterodimer Partner (SHP) by inhibiting ubiquitin–proteasomal degradation
J Miao, Z Xiao, D Kanamaluru, G Min, PM Yau, TD Veenstra, E Ellis, ...
Genes & development 23 (8), 986-996, 2009
MicroRNA-29 fine-tunes the expression of key FOXA2-activated lipid metabolism genes and is dysregulated in animal models of insulin resistance and diabetes
CL Kurtz, BCE Peck, EE Fannin, C Beysen, J Miao, SR Landstreet, S Ding, ...
Diabetes 63 (9), 3141-3148, 2014
Role of an mSin3A-Swi/Snf chromatin remodeling complex in the feedback repression of bile acid biosynthesis by SHP
JK Kemper, H Kim, J Miao, S Bhalla, Y Bae
Molecular and cellular biology 24 (17), 7707-7719, 2004
Coordinated recruitment of histone methyltransferase G9a and other chromatin-modifying enzymes in SHP-mediated regulation of hepatic bile acid metabolism
S Fang, J Miao, L Xiang, B Ponugoti, E Treuter, JK Kemper
Molecular and cellular biology, 2007
Role of insulin in the regulation of proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9
J Miao, PV Manthena, ME Haas, AV Ling, DJ Shin, MJ Graham, ...
Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology 35 (7), 1589-1596, 2015
Inactivating hepatic follistatin alleviates hyperglycemia
R Tao, C Wang, O Stöhr, W Qiu, Y Hu, J Miao, XC Dong, S Leng, ...
Nature medicine 24 (7), 1058-1069, 2018
YAP suppresses gluconeogenic gene expression through PGC1α
Y Hu, DJ Shin, H Pan, Z Lin, JM Dreyfuss, FD Camargo, J Miao, ...
Hepatology 66 (6), 2029-2041, 2017
Beta-catenin causes adrenal hyperplasia by blocking zonal transdifferentiation
E Pignatti, S Leng, Y Yuchi, KS Borges, NA Guagliardo, MS Shah, ...
Cell Reports 31 (3), 2020
Ligand-dependent regulation of the activity of the orphan nuclear receptor, small heterodimer partner (SHP), in the repression of bile acid biosynthetic CYP7A1 and CYP8B1 genes
J Miao, SE Choi, SM Seok, L Yang, WJ Zuercher, Y Xu, TM Willson, ...
Molecular endocrinology 25 (7), 1159-1169, 2011
Yin Yang 1 protein ameliorates diabetic nephropathy pathology through transcriptional repression of TGFβ1
P Gao, L Li, L Yang, D Gui, J Zhang, J Han, J Wang, N Wang, J Lu, ...
Science translational medicine 11 (510), eaaw2050, 2019
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