Damir Sekulić
Damir Sekulić
University of Split
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Gender-specific influences of balance, speed, and power on agility performance
D Sekulic, M Spasic, D Mirkov, M Cavar, T Sattler
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Prospective analysis of levels and correlates of physical activity during COVID-19 pandemic and imposed rules of social distancing; gender specific study among adolescents from …
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Osnove transformacijskih postupaka u kineziologiji
D Sekulić, D Metikoš, S Sveučilište
Split: Fakultet prirodoslovno–matematičkih znanosti i kineziologije, 2007
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Importance of reactive agility and change of direction speed in differentiating performance levels in junior soccer players: Reliability and validity of newly developed soccer …
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A Krolo, B Gilic, N Foretic, H Pojskic, R Hammami, M Spasic, O Uljevic, ...
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