Muazzam Maqsood
Muazzam Maqsood
Assistant Professor, COMSATS University Islamabad, Attock Campus, Pakistan
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A Deep Siamese Convolution Neural Network for Multi-Class Classification of Alzheimer Disease
A Mehmood, M Maqsood, M Bashir, Y Shuyuan
Brain Sciences 10 (2), 84, 2020
Classification of Melanoma and Nevus in Digital Images for Diagnosis of Skin Cancer
MQ Khan, A Hussain, SU Rehman, U Khan, M Maqsood, K Mehmood, ...
IEEE Access 7, 90132-90144, 2019
Transfer Learning Assisted Classification and Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease Stages Using 3D MRI Scans
M Maqsood, F Nazir, U Khan, F Aadil, H Jamal, I Mehmood, O Song
Sensors 19 (11), 2645, 2019
Region-of-Interest Based Transfer Learning Assisted Framework for Skin Cancer Detection
R Ashraf, S Afzal, AU Rehman, S Gul, J Baber, M Bakhtyar, I Mehmood, ...
IEEE Access 8, 147858-147871, 2020
A transfer learning approach for early diagnosis of alzheimer’s disease on MRI images
A Mehmood, S Yang, Z Feng, M Wang, ALS Ahmad, R Khan, M Maqsood, ...
Neuroscience 460, 43-52, 2021
A local and global event sentiment based efficient stock exchange forecasting using deep learning
H Maqsood, I Mehmood, M Maqsood, M Yasir, S Afzal, F Aadil, MM Selim, ...
International Journal of Information Management 50, 432-451, 2020
Energy aware cluster-based routing in flying ad-hoc networks
F Aadil, A Raza, M Khan, M Maqsood, I Mehmood, S Rho
Sensors 18 (5), 1413, 2018
A Data Augmentation-Based Framework to Handle Class Imbalance Problem for Alzheimer’s Stage Detection
S Afzal, M Maqsood, F Nazir, U Khan, F Aadil, KM Awan, I Mehmood, ...
IEEE Access 7, 115528-115539, 2019
A deep feature-based real-time system for Alzheimer disease stage detection
H Nawaz, M Maqsood, S Afzal, F Aadil, I Mehmood, S Rho
Multimedia Tools and Applications 80 (28), 35789-35807, 2021
An IoT based efficient hybrid recommender system for cardiovascular disease
F Jabeen, M Maqsood, MA Ghazanfar, F Aadil, S Khan, MF Khan, ...
Peer-to-Peer Networking and Applications 12, 1263-1276, 2019
CAMONET: Moth-Flame Optimization (MFO) Based Clustering Algorithm for VANETs
YA Shah, HA Habib, F Aadil, MF Khan, M Maqsood, T Nawaz
IEEE Access 6, 48611-48624, 2018
Optimized Node Clustering in VANETs by Using Meta-Heuristic Algorithms
W Ahsan, MF Khan, F Aadil, M Maqsood, S Ashraf, Y Nam, S Rho
Electronics 9 (3), 394, 2020
A dimensionality reduction-based efficient software fault prediction using Fisher linear discriminant analysis (FLDA)
A Kalsoom, M Maqsood, MA Ghazanfar, F Aadil, S Rho
The Journal of Supercomputing 74 (9), 4568-4602, 2018
A Spectrogram-Based Deep Feature Assisted Computer-Aided Diagnostic System for Parkinson’s Disease
L Zahid, M Maqsood, MY Durrani, M Bakhtyar, J Baber, H Jamal, ...
IEEE Access 8, 35482-35495, 2020
Moth Flame Clustering Algorithm for Internet of Vehicle (MFCA-IoV)
MF Khan, F Aadil, M Maqsood, SHR Bukhari, M Hussain, Y Nam
IEEE Access 7, 11613-11629, 2018
Ensemble-classifiers-assisted detection of cerebral microbleeds in brain MRI
T Ateeq, MN Majeed, SM Anwar, M Maqsood, Z Rehman, JW Lee, ...
Computers & Electrical Engineering 69, 768-781, 2018
A Jaccard base similarity measure to improve performance of CF based recommender systems
M Ayub, MA Ghazanfar, M Maqsood, A Saleem
2018 International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN), 1-6, 2018
An Efficient Gait Recognition Method for Known and Unknown Covariate Conditions
M Bukhari, KB Bajwa, S Gillani, M Maqsood, MY Durrani, I Mehmood, ...
IEEE Access 9, 6465-6477, 2021
Social media signal detection using tweets volume, hashtag, and sentiment analysis
F Nazir, MA Ghazanfar, M Maqsood, F Aadil, S Rho, I Mehmood
Multimedia Tools and Applications 78 (3), 3553-3586, 2019
Optimized gabor feature extraction for mass classification using cuckoo search for big data e-healthcare
S Khan, A Khan, M Maqsood, F Aadil, MA Ghazanfar
Journal of Grid Computing 17 (2), 239-254, 2019
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