Prasenjit Mal
Prasenjit Mal
Associate Professor, School of Chemical Sciences
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White phosphorus is air-stable within a self-assembled tetrahedral capsule
P Mal, B Breiner, K Rissanen, JR Nitschke
Science 324 (5935), 1697-1699, 2009
An unlockable–relockable iron cage by subcomponent self‐assembly
P Mal, D Schultz, K Beyeh, K Rissanen, JR Nitschke
Angewandte Chemie 120 (43), 8421-8425, 2008
Mechanochemical synthesis of small organic molecules
TK Achar, A Bose, P Mal
Beilstein journal of organic chemistry 13 (1), 1907-1931, 2017
Subcomponent Self-Assembly and Guest-Binding Properties of Face-Capped Fe4L4 8+ Capsules
RA Bilbeisi, JK Clegg, N Elgrishi, X De Hatten, M Devillard, B Breiner, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (11), 5110-5119, 2011
Helical Self-Assembly of Substituted Benzoic Acids: Influence of Weaker X⊙⊙⊙ X and C− H⊙⊙⊙ X Interactions
JN Moorthy, R Natarajan, P Mal, P Venugopalan
Journal of the American Chemical Society 124 (23), 6530-6531, 2002
Supramolecular Multicomponent Self-Assembly of Shape-Adaptive Nanoprisms: Wrapping up C60 with Three Porphyrin Units
M Schmittel, B He, P Mal
Organic letters 10 (12), 2513-2516, 2008
Radical-Induced Metal and Solvent-Free Cross-Coupling Using TBAI–TBHP: Oxidative Amidation of Aldehydes and Alcohols with N-Chloramines via C–H Activation
TK Achar, P Mal
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 80 (1), 666-672, 2015
The HETTAP approach: self-assembly and metal ion sensing of dumbbell-shaped molecules and clip molecules
M Schmittel, V Kalsani, P Mal, JW Bats
Inorganic chemistry 45 (16), 6370-6377, 2006
K, Beyeh, K. Rissanen, JR Nitschke
P Mal, D Schultz
Angew. Chem 120, 8421, 2008
An organic intermolecular dehydrogenative annulation reaction
S Maiti, TK Achar, P Mal
Organic letters 19 (8), 2006-2009, 2017
Crystal Engineering: Identification of a Unique Supramolecular Synthon Based on CO⊙⊙⊙ X Interaction in Halogen-Substituted Aromatic Carboxaldehydes
JN Moorthy, P Venkatakrishnan, P Mal, S Dixit, P Venugopalan
Crystal growth & design 3 (4), 581-585, 2003
Electrophilic aryl-halogenation using N-halosuccinimides under ball-milling
A Bose, P Mal
Tetrahedron Letters 55 (13), 2154-2156, 2014
Dehydrogenative aromatic ring fusion for carbazole synthesis via C–C/C–N bond formation and alkyl migration
S Maiti, P Mal
Organic letters 19 (9), 2454-2457, 2017
A highly selective, Hg 2+ triggered hydrogelation: modulation of morphology by chemical stimuli
BN Ghosh, S Bhowmik, P Mal, K Rissanen
Chemical Communications 50 (6), 734-736, 2014
IBX works efficiently under solvent free conditions in ball milling
TK Achar, S Maiti, P Mal
RSC Advances 4 (25), 12834-12839, 2014
2, 2′: 6′, 2 ″-terpyridine trimethylplatinum (iv) iodide complexes as bifunctional halogen bond acceptors
BN Ghosh, M Lahtinen, E Kalenius, P Mal, K Rissanen
Crystal Growth & Design 16 (5), 2527-2534, 2016
Aerial dioxygen activation vs. thiol–ene click reaction within a system
K Choudhuri, A Mandal, P Mal
Chemical Communications 54 (30), 3759-3762, 2018
Transformation of Contact‐Explosives Primary Amines and Iodine (III) into a Successful Chemical Reaction under Solvent‐Free Ball Milling Conditions
T Kumar Achar, P Mal
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 357 (18), 3977-3985, 2015
Synthesis, structure and photophysical properties of a highly luminescent terpyridine-diphenylacetylene hybrid fluorophore and its metal complexes
BN Ghosh, F Topić, PK Sahoo, P Mal, J Linnera, E Kalenius, ...
Dalton Transactions 44 (1), 254-267, 2015
Using weak interactions to control C–H mono-nitration of indolines
A Bose, P Mal
Chemical Communications 53 (82), 11368-11371, 2017
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