Josip Orović
Josip Orović
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Fault tree analysis and failure diagnosis of marine diesel engine turbocharger system
V Knežević, J Orović, L Stazić, J Čulin
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 8 (12), 1004, 2020
Efficiency and losses analysis of steam air heater from marine steam propulsion plant
J Orović, V Mrzljak, I Poljak
Energies 11 (11), 3019, 2018
Energy and exergy analysis of the condensate pump during internal leakage from the marine steam propulsion system
I Poljak, J Orović, V Mrzljak
Pomorstvo 32 (2), 268-280, 2018
Computerized planned maintenance system software models
G Gašpar, I Poljak, J Orović
Pomorstvo 32 (1), 141-145, 2018
Causes of and preventive measures for complacency as viewed by officers in charge of the engineering watch
T Bielić, J Čulin, I Poljak, J Orović
Journal of marine science and engineering 8 (7), 517, 2020
Thermodynamic analysis of marine steam power plant pressure reduction valves
V Mrzljak, N Anđelić, I Poljak, J Orović
Pomorski zbornik 56 (1), 9-30, 2019
Analysis and Optimization of Atmospheric Drain Tank of Lng Carrier Steam Power Plant
I Poljak, T Bielić, V Mrzljak, J Orović
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 8 (8), 568, 2020
Towards Least-CO2 Ferry Routes in the Adriatic Sea
G Mannarini, L Carelli, J Orović, CP Martinkus, G Coppini
Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 9 (2), 115, 2021
Energy and exergy evaluation of a two-stage axial vapour compressor on the LNG carrier
I Poljak, J Orović, V Mrzljak, D Bernečić
Entropy 22 (1), 115, 2020
The LNG reliquefaction plant–operating principle and justifiability of its installation on board ships
D Kukuljan, D Bernečić, J Orović
Pomorstvo 26 (1), 215-226, 2012
Ships’ Solutions for meeting the International requirements regarding the reduction of Air Pollution
F Nižić, V Frančić, J Orović
Pomorski zbornik 53 (1), 53-65, 2017
Maintenance interval adjustment based on the experience, Case study of marine air compressor system
L Stazić, V Knežević, J Orović, L Mihanović
NAŠE MORE: znanstveni časopis za more i pomorstvo 67 (2), 146-152, 2020
Exergy analysis of steam turbine governing valve from a super critical thermal power plant
V Mrzljak, J Orović, I Poljak, I Lorencin
27th International Scientific Technical Conference Trans & MOTAUTO, 99-102, 2019
Optimisation of reliability and maintenance plan of the high-pressure fuel pump system on marine engine
V Knežević, L Stazić, J Orović, Z Pavin
Polish Maritime Research 29 (4), 97-104, 2022
Comparison of the on board measured and simulated exhaust gas emissions on the ro-pax vessels
J Orović, M Valčić, V Knežević, Z Pavin
Atmosphere 13 (5), 794, 2022
Numerical analysis of real open cycle gas turbine
V Mrzljak, I Poljak, J Orović, J Prpić-Oršić
IV International Scientific Conference: High Technologies. Business. Society …, 2019
The optimization of the steam plant by means of an engine room simulator
E Bruk, E Marinčić, J Orović
Pomorstvo 24 (1), 41-52, 2010
Three approaches to low-duty turbo compressor efficiency exploitation evaluation
I Poljak, I Glavan, J Orović, V Mrzljak
Applied Sciences 10 (10), 3373, 2020
LNG carrier main steam turbine reliability in the exploatation period of time
I Poljak, J Orović, V Knežević, V Mrzljak
TransNav: International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea …, 2020
Use of PMS continuous improvement scheme for maintenance adjustments in shipping industry
V Knežević, L Stazić, J Orović, L Mihanović
8th International Maritime Science Conference (IMSC 2019), 415-420, 2019
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