Levent YOBAS
Levent YOBAS
The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering
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Microdevice for the isolation and enumeration of cancer cells from blood
SJ Tan, L Yobas, GYH Lee, CN Ong, CT Lim
Biomedical microdevices 11 (4), 883-892, 2009
Silicon-based microfilters for whole blood cell separation
HM Ji, V Samper, Y Chen, CK Heng, TM Lim, L Yobas
Biomedical microdevices 10 (2), 251-257, 2008
High-performance flow-focusing geometry for spontaneous generation of monodispersed droplets
L Yobas, S Martens, WL Ong, N Ranganathan
Lab on a Chip 6 (8), 1073-1079, 2006
Versatile label free biochip for the detection of circulating tumor cells from peripheral blood in cancer patients
SJ Tan, RL Lakshmi, P Chen, WT Lim, L Yobas, CT Lim
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 26 (4), 1701-1705, 2010
Formation and manipulation of ferrofluid droplets at a microfluidic T-junction
SH Tan, NT Nguyen, L Yobas, TG Kang
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 20 (4), 045004, 2010
Digital microfluidics: Droplet based logic gates
LF Cheow, L Yobas, DL Kwong
Applied Physics Letters 90 (5), 054107, 2007
A ‘microfluidic pinball’for on-chip generation of layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte microcapsules
C Kantak, S Beyer, L Yobas, T Bansal, D Trau
Lab on a Chip 11 (6), 1030-1035, 2011
Thermally mediated droplet formation in microchannels
NT Nguyen, TH Ting, YF Yap, TN Wong, JCK Chai, WL Ong, J Zhou, ...
Applied Physics Letters 91 (8), 084102, 2007
A novel integrable microvalve for refreshable braille display system
L Yobas, DM Durand, GG Skebe, FJ Lisy, MA Huff
Journal of microelectromechanical systems 12 (3), 252-263, 2003
Evaluation of bonding between oxygen plasma treated polydimethyl siloxane and passivated silicon
KC Tang, E Liao, WL Ong, JDS Wong, A Agarwal, R Nagarajan, L Yobas
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 34 (1), 026, 2006
Thermally mediated breakup of drops in microchannels
TH Ting, YF Yap, NT Nguyen, TN Wong, JCK Chai, L Yobas
Applied Physics Letters 89 (23), 234101, 2006
A novel bulk micromachined electrostatic microvalve with a curved-compliant structure applicable for a pneumatic tactile display
L Yobas, MA Huff, FJ Lisy, DM Durand
Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems 10 (2), 187-196, 2001
Thermally mediated control of liquid microdroplets at a bifurcation
YF Yap, SH Tan, NT Nguyen, SMS Murshed, TN Wong, L Yobas
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42 (6), 065503, 2009
Microdroplet formation of water and nanofluids in heat-induced microfluidic T-junction
SM Murshed, SH Tan, NT Nguyen, TN Wong, L Yobas
Microfluidics and nanofluidics 6 (2), 253-259, 2009
Thermally controlled droplet formation in flow focusing geometry: formation regimes and effect of nanoparticle suspension
SH Tan, SMS Murshed, NT Nguyen, TN Wong, L Yobas
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 41 (16), 165501, 2008
Experimental and computational analysis of droplet formation in a high-performance flow-focusing geometry
WL Ong, J Hua, B Zhang, TY Teo, J Zhuo, NT Nguyen, N Ranganathan, ...
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 138 (1), 203-212, 2007
The vision of point-of-care PCR tests for the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond
H Zhu, H Zhang, S Ni, M Korabečná, L Yobas, P Neuzil
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 130, 115984, 2020
Slowing DNA translocation in a nanofluidic field-effect transistor
Y Liu, L Yobas
ACS nano 10 (4), 3985-3994, 2016
A disposable planar peristaltic pump for lab-on-a-chip
L Yobas, KC Tang, SE Yong, EKZ Ong
Lab on a Chip 8 (5), 660-662, 2008
Microfluidic integration of substantially round glass capillaries for lateral patch clamping on chip
WL Ong, KC Tang, A Agarwal, R Nagarajan, LW Luo, L Yobas
Lab on a Chip 7 (10), 1357-1366, 2007
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