Sonoko Bellingrath-Kimura
Sonoko Bellingrath-Kimura
ZALF/Humboldt University of Berlin
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Salt-tolerant plant growth promoting rhizobacteria for enhancing crop productivity of saline soils
D Egamberdieva, S Wirth, SD Bellingrath-Kimura, J Mishra, NK Arora
Frontiers in microbiology 10, 469278, 2019
Suppressive effects of magnesium oxide materials on cadmium uptake and accumulation into rice grains: II: Suppression of cadmium uptake and accumulation into rice grains due to …
T Kikuchi, M Okazaki, SD Kimura, T Motobayashi, J Baasansuren, ...
Journal of hazardous materials 154 (1-3), 294-299, 2008
On-farm assessment of organic amendments effects on nutrient status and nutrient use efficiency of organic rice fields in Northeastern Japan
H Hasegawa, Y Furukawa, SD Kimura
Agriculture, ecosystems & environment 108 (4), 350-362, 2005
Sustainable food protein supply reconciling human and ecosystem health: A Leibniz Position
I Weindl, M Ost, P Wiedmer, M Schreiner, S Neugart, R Klopsch, ...
Global Food Security 25, 100367, 2020
Agro-economic prospects for expanding soybean production beyond its current northerly limit in Europe
K Karges, SD Bellingrath-Kimura, CA Watson, FL Stoddard, M Halwani, ...
European Journal of Agronomy 133, 126415, 2022
Potential effects of biochar-based microbial inoculants in agriculture
D Egamberdieva, M Hua, M Reckling, S Wirth, SD Bellingrath-Kimura
Environmental Sustainability 1 (1), 19-24, 2018
Influences of soil tillage, irrigation and crop rotation on maize biomass yield in a 9-year field study in Müncheberg, Germany
HT Huynh, J Hufnagel, A Wurbs, SD Bellingrath-Kimura
Field Crops Research 241, 107565, 2019
Exploring farmers’ indigenous knowledge of soil quality and fertility management practices in selected farming communities of the guinea savannah agro-ecological zone of Ghana
R Ansong Omari, SD Bellingrath-Kimura, E Sarkodee Addo, Y Oikawa, ...
Sustainability 10 (4), 1034, 2018
Optimizing nitrogen fertilizer application for rice production in the Taihu Lake region, China
D Mei-Hua, SHI Xiao-Jun, T Yu-Hua, YIN Bin, SL Zhang, ZHU Zhao-Liang, ...
Pedosphere 22 (1), 48-57, 2012
Impacts of biochar on basil (Ocimum basilicum) growth, root morphological traits, plant biochemical and physiological properties and soil enzymatic activities
D Jabborova, H Ma, SD Bellingrath-Kimura, S Wirth
Scientia Horticulturae 290, 110518, 2021
Sediment denitrification in waterways in a rice-paddy-dominated watershed in eastern China
X Li, Y Xia, Y Li, TM Kana, SD Kimura, M Saito, X Yan
Journal of Soils and Sediments 13, 783-792, 2013
Effect of Biochar and Irrigation on Soybean-Rhizobium Symbiotic Performance and Soil Enzymatic Activity in Field Rhizosphere
H Ma, D Egamberdieva, S Wirth, SD Bellingrath-Kimura
Agronomy 9 (10), 626, 2019
Linking N2O emission to soil mineral N as estimated by CO2 emission and soil C/N ratio
Z Mu, A Huang, SD Kimura, T Jin, S Wei, R Hatano
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 41 (12), 2593-2597, 2009
Variation in the emission factor of N2O derived from chemical nitrogen fertilizer and organic matter: A case study of onion fields in Mikasa, Hokkaido, Japan
Y Toma, SD Kimura, Y Hirose, K Kusa, R Hatano
Soil science and plant nutrition 53 (5), 692-703, 2007
Role of social networks in building household livelihood resilience under payments for ecosystem services programs in a poor rural community in China
Y Wang, Q Zhang, Q Li, J Wang, S Sannigrahi, R Bilsborrow, ...
Journal of Rural Studies 86, 208-225, 2021
Growth and 137Cs uptake of four Brassica species influenced by inoculation with a plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium Bacillus pumilus in three contaminated farmlands in …
HP Aung, S Djedidi, AZ Oo, YS Aye, T Yokoyama, S Suzuki, H Sekimoto, ...
Science of the Total Environment 521, 261-269, 2015
Biochar for improving soil biological properties and mitigating salt stress in plants on salt-affected soils
D Egamberdieva, B Alaylar, A Kistaubayeva, S Wirth, ...
Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 53 (2), 140-152, 2022
Characterization of rhizobia for the improvement of soybean cultivation at cold conditions in central Europe
K Yuan, M Reckling, MDA Ramirez, S Djedidi, I Fukuhara, T Ohyama, ...
Microbes and environments 35 (1), ME19124, 2020
Estimating net primary production and annual plant carbon inputs, and modelling future changes in soil carbon stocks in arable farmlands of northern Japan
N Koga, P Smith, JB Yeluripati, Y Shirato, SD Kimura, M Nemoto
Agriculture, ecosystems & environment 144 (1), 51-60, 2011
Seasonal N uptake and N2fixation by common and adzuki bean at various spacings
SD Kimura, K Schmidtke, R Tajima, K Yoshida, H Nakashima, R Rauber
Plant and soil 258, 91-101, 2004
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