Abubakar Abubakar Khaleed
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A Bello, N Manyala, F Barzegar, AA Khaleed, DY Momodu, ...
Rsc Advances 6 (3), 1800-1809, 2016
Activated carbon derived from tree bark biomass with promising material properties for supercapacitors
D Momodu, M Madito, F Barzegar, A Bello, A Khaleed, O Olaniyan, ...
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 21, 859-872, 2017
Coniferous pine biomass: A novel insight into sustainable carbon materials for supercapacitors electrode
N Manyala, A Bello, F Barzegar, AA Khaleed, DY Momodu, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 182, 139-147, 2016
Cycling and floating performance of symmetric supercapacitor derived from coconut shell biomass
F Barzegar, AA Khaleed, FU Ugbo, KO Oyeniran, DY Momodu, A Bello, ...
AIP Advances 6 (11), 2016
Stability studies of polypyrole-derived carbon based symmetric supercapacitor via potentiostatic floating test
A Bello, F Barzegar, MJ Madito, DY Momodu, AA Khaleed, TM Masikhwa, ...
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Electrochemical performance of two-dimensional Ti3C2-Mn3O4 nanocomposites and carbonized iron cations for hybrid supercapacitor electrodes
KO Oyedotun, DY Momodu, M Naguib, AA Mirghni, TM Masikhwa, ...
Electrochimica Acta 301, 487-499, 2019
High performance hybrid supercapacitor device based on cobalt manganese layered double hydroxide and activated carbon derived from cork (Quercus Suber)
FO Ochai-Ejeh, MJ Madito, DY Momodu, AA Khaleed, O Olaniyan, ...
Electrochimica Acta 252, 41-54, 2017
High electrochemical performance of hierarchical porous activated carbon derived from lightweight cork (Quercus suber)
FO Ochai-Ejeh, A Bello, J Dangbegnon, AA Khaleed, MJ Madito, ...
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Electrochemical performance of polypyrrole derived porous activated carbon-based symmetric supercapacitors in various electrolytes
A Bello, F Barzegar, MJ Madito, DY Momodu, AA Khaleed, TM Masikhwa, ...
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Nanofluid from Palm Kernel Oil for High Voltage Insulation
S.O. Oparanti, A.A. Khaleed, A.A. Abdelmalik
Materials Chemistry and Physics 259 (2021), 123961, 2020
Examination of high-porosity activated carbon obtained from dehydration of white sugar for electrochemical capacitor applications
KO Oyedotun, F Barzegar, AA Mirghni, AA Khaleed, TM Masikhwa, ...
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Solvothermal synthesis of surfactant free spherical nickel hydroxide/graphene oxide composite for supercapacitor application
AA Khaleed, A Bello, JK Dangbegnon, MJ Madito, O Olaniyan, F Barzegar, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 721, 80-91, 2017
A facile hydrothermal reflux synthesis of Ni(OH)2/GF electrode for supercapacitor application
AA Khaleed, A Bello, JK Dangbegnon, FU Ugbo, F Barzegar, DY Momodu, ...
Journal of Materials Science 51, 6041-6050, 2016
A systematic study of the stability, electronic and optical properties of beryllium and nitrogen co-doped graphene
O Olaniyan, RE Maphasha, MJ Madito, AA Khaleed, E Igumbor, ...
Carbon 129, 207-227, 2018
AC breakdown analysis of synthesized nanofluids for oil-filled transformer insulation
SO Oparanti, AA Khaleed, AA Abdelmalik
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Effect of activated carbon on the enhancement of CO sensing performance of NiO
AA Khaleed, A Bello, JK Dangbegnon, DY Momodu, MJ Madito, FU Ugbo, ...
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AA Khaleed, A Bello, JK Dangbegnon, MJ Madito, FU Ugbo, AA Akande, ...
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Dielectric characterization of palm kernel oil ester-based insulating nanofluid
SO Oparanti, AA Khaleed, AA Abdelmalik, NM Chalashkanov
2020 IEEE Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena …, 2020
Nanostructured porous carbons with high rate cycling and floating performance for supercapacitor application
FO Ochai-Ejeh, DY Momodu, MJ Madito, AA Khaleed, KO Oyedotun, ...
AIP Advances 8 (5), 2018
Exploring the stability and electronic structure of beryllium and sulphur co-doped graphene: a first principles study
O Olaniyan, RE Mapasha, DY Momodu, MJ Madito, AA Kahleed, FU Ugbo, ...
RSC advances 6 (91), 88392-88402, 2016
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