Anne Richter
Anne Richter
Procome Research Group, LIME, Karolinska Institutet
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Threat of losing valued job features: The role of perceived control in mediating the effect of qualitative job insecurity on job strain and psychological withdrawal
T Vander Elst, A Richter, M Sverke, K Näswall, N De Cuyper, H De Witte
Work & Stress 28 (2), 143-164, 2014
Work and sleep—a prospective study of psychosocial work factors, physical work factors, and work scheduling
T Åkerstedt, J Garefelt, A Richter, H Westerlund, LL Magnusson Hanson, ...
Sleep 38 (7), 1129-1136, 2015
iLead—a transformational leadership intervention to train healthcare managers’ implementation leadership
A Richter, U von Thiele Schwarz, C Lornudd, R Lundmark, R Mosson, ...
Implementation Science 11 (1), 1-13, 2015
Job insecurity and trust: Uncovering a mechanism linking job insecurity to well-being
K Richter, Anne & Näswall
Work & Stress, 1-19, 2018
A meta-analysis of job insecurity and employee performance: Testing temporal aspects, rating source, welfare regime, and union density as moderators
M Sverke, L Låstad, J Hellgren, A Richter, K Näswall
International journal of environmental research and public health 16 (14), 2536, 2019
Job insecurity and its relation to work—family conflict: Mediation with a longitudinal data set
A Richter, K Näswall, M Sverke
Economic and Industrial Democracy 31 (2), 265-280, 2010
The associations between job insecurity, depressive symptoms and burnout: The role of performance-based self-esteem
V Blom, A Richter, L Hallsten, P Svedberg
Economic and Industrial Democracy 39 (1), 48-63, 2018
Job insecurity and well-being: The moderating role of job dependence
A Richter, K Näswall, C Bernhard-Oettel, M Sverke
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 23 (6), 816-829, 2014
Coping with job insecurity: Exploring effects on perceived health and organizational attitudes
A Richter, K Näswall, N De Cuyper, M Sverke, H De Witte, J Hellgren
Career Development International 18 (5), 484-502, 2013
The need for dual openness to change: A longitudinal study evaluating the impact of employees’ openness to organizational change content and process on intervention outcomes
H Augustsson, A Richter, H Hasson, U von Thiele Schwarz
The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 53 (3), 349-368, 2017
Job Insecurity and Its Consequences- Investigating Moderators, Mediators and Gender
A Richter
Department of Psychology, Stockholm University, 2011
Work–family conflict, emotional exhaustion and performance-based self-esteem: reciprocal relationships
A Richter, K Schraml, C Leineweber
International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health 88, 103-112, 2015
The salaried employee in the modern working life: Threats and challenges
K Näswall, S Baraldi, A Richter, J Hellgren, M Sverke
SALSTA–joint programme for working life research in Europe. Stockholm …, 2006
How to design, implement and evaluate organizational interventions for maximum impact: The Sigtuna Principles
U von Thiele Schwarz, K Nielsen, K Edwards, H Hasson, C Ipsen, ...
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 30 (3), 415-427, 2021
Job insecurity and work–family conflict in teachers in S weden: Examining their relations with longitudinal cross‐lagged modeling
A Richter, K Näswall, P Lindfors, M Sverke
PsyCh Journal 4 (2), 98-111, 2015
Job insecurity from a gender perspective: Data collection and psychometric properties
K Näswall, L Låstad, TS Vetting, R Larsson, A Richter, M Sverke
Reports from the Department of Psychology, Stockholm University 1, 2010
Impact of job insecurity on psychological well-and ill-being among high performance coaches
M Bentzen, G Kenttä, A Richter, PN Lemyre
International journal of environmental research and public health 17 (19), 6939, 2020
Job Insecurity and Subsequent Actual Turnover: Rumination as a Valid Explanation?
A Richter, T Vander Elst, H De Witte
Frontiers, 2020
Predicting sustainable employability in Swedish healthcare: The complexity of social job resources
M Roczniewska, A Richter, H Hasson, UT Schwarz
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17 (4), 1200, 2020
The Mediated Relationship of Leadership on Job Insecurity
Richter, Anne, Tafvelin, Susanne & Sverke, Magnus
Scandinavian Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology 3 (1), 2, 2018
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