JW Dalley
JW Dalley
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Impulsivity, compulsivity, and top-down cognitive control
JW Dalley, BJ Everitt, TW Robbins
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JW Dalley, RN Cardinal, TW Robbins
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JW Dalley, TD Fryer, L Brichard, ESJ Robinson, DEH Theobald, ...
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D Belin, AC Mar, JW Dalley, TW Robbins, BJ Everitt
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BJ Everitt, D Belin, D Economidou, Y Pelloux, JW Dalley, TW Robbins
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Correlated gene expression supports synchronous activity in brain networks
J Richiardi, A Altmann, AC Milazzo, C Chang, MM Chakravarty, ...
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JW Dalley, JP Roiser
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JW Dalley, TW Robbins
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JW Dalley, AC Mar, D Economidou, TW Robbins
Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 90 (2), 250-260, 2008
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R Whelan, R Watts, CA Orr, RR Althoff, E Artiges, T Banaschewski, ...
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Similar effects of the selective noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor atomoxetine on three distinct forms of impulsivity in the rat
ESJ Robinson, DM Eagle, AC Mar, A Bari, G Banerjee, X Jiang, JW Dalley, ...
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CA Winstanley, DEH Theobald, JW Dalley, TW Robbins
Neuropsychopharmacology 30 (4), 669-682, 2005
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