Hongsheng Chen
Hongsheng Chen
Professor of Electromagnetics Academy, Zhejiang University
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Electromagnetic wave interactions with a metamaterial cloak
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Deep-learning-enabled self-adaptive microwave cloak without human intervention
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Ray-optics cloaking devices for large objects in incoherent natural light
H Chen, B Zheng, L Shen, H Wang, X Zhang, NI Zheludev, B Zhang
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Origami‐based reconfigurable metamaterials for tunable chirality
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A metasurface carpet cloak for electromagnetic, acoustic and water waves
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18.5% efficient graphene/GaAs van der Waals heterostructure solar cell
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Experimental retrieval of the effective parameters of metamaterials based on a waveguide method
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Design and analytical full-wave validation of the invisibility cloaks, concentrators, and field rotators created with a general class of transformations
Y Luo, H Chen, J Zhang, L Ran, JA Kong
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Planar focusing antenna design by using coordinate transformation technology
F Kong, BI Wu, JA Kong, J Huangfu, S Xi, H Chen
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Roadmap on metasurfaces
O Quevedo-Teruel, H Chen, A Díaz-Rubio, G Gok, A Grbic, G Minatti, ...
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Metamaterial exhibiting left-handed properties over multiple frequency bands
H Chen, L Ran, J Huangfu, X Zhang, K Chen, TM Grzegorczyk, JA Kong
Journal of Applied Physics 96 (9), 5338-5340, 2004
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