Hideo Aoki
Hideo Aoki
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Unconventional Pairing Originating from the Disconnected Fermi Surfaces of Superconducting
K Kuroki, S Onari, R Arita, H Usui, Y Tanaka, H Kontani, H Aoki
Physical Review Letters 101 (8), 087004, 2008
Photovoltaic Hall effect in graphene
T Oka, H Aoki
Physical Review B 79 (8), 081406, 2009
Pnictogen height as a possible switch between high-T c nodeless and low-T c nodal pairings in the iron-based superconductors
K Kuroki, H Usui, S Onari, R Arita, H Aoki
Physical Review B 79 (22), 224511, 2009
First-principles interatomic potential of silica applied to molecular dynamics
S Tsuneyuki, M Tsukada, H Aoki, Y Matsui
Physical Review Letters 61 (7), 869, 1988
Nonequilibrium dynamical mean-field theory and its applications
H Aoki, N Tsuji, M Eckstein, M Kollar, T Oka, P Werner
Reviews of Modern Physics 86 (2), 779, 2014
Light-induced collective pseudospin precession resonating with Higgs mode in a superconductor
R Matsunaga, N Tsuji, H Fujita, A Sugioka, K Makise, Y Uzawa, H Terai, ...
Science 345 (6201), 1145-1149, 2014
Effect of localization on the hall conductivity in the two-dimensional system in strong magnetic fields
H Aoki, T Ando
Solid State Communications 38 (11), 1079-1082, 1981
Brillouin-Wigner theory for high-frequency expansion in periodically driven systems: Application to Floquet topological insulators
T Mikami, S Kitamura, K Yasuda, N Tsuji, T Oka, H Aoki
Physical Review B 93 (14), 144307, 2016
Physics of graphene
H Aoki, MS Dresselhaus
Springer Science & Business Media, 2013
Critical localization in two-dimensional Landau quantization
H Aoki, T Ando
Physical Review Letters 54, 831, 1985
Metal-intercalated aromatic hydrocarbons: a new class of carbon-based superconductors
Y Kubozono, H Mitamura, X Lee, X He, Y Yamanari, Y Takahashi, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (37), 16476-16493, 2011
New pressure-induced structural transformations in silica obtained by computer simulation
S Tsuneyuki, Y Matsui, H Aoki, M Tsukada
Nature 339 (6221), 209-211, 1989
Critical behaviour of extended states in disordered systems
H Aoki
Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics 16 (6), L205, 1983
Quantised Hall effect
H Aoki
Reports on Progress in Physics 50 (6), 655, 1987
Quantum Faraday and Kerr rotations in graphene
R Shimano, G Yumoto, JY Yoo, R Matsunaga, S Tanabe, H Hibino, ...
Nature communications 4 (1), 1841, 2013
Topological analysis of the quantum Hall effect in graphene: Dirac-Fermi transition across van Hove singularities and edge versus bulk quantum numbers
Y Hatsugai, T Fukui, H Aoki
Physical review B 74 (20), 205414, 2006
Breakdown of a Mott insulator: a nonadiabatic tunneling mechanism
T Oka, R Arita, H Aoki
Physical review letters 91 (6), 066406, 2003
Correlated electron systems periodically driven out of equilibrium: Floquet+ DMFT formalism
N Tsuji, T Oka, H Aoki
Physical Review B 78 (23), 235124, 2008
Two-orbital model explains the higher transition temperature of the single-layer Hg-cuprate superconductor compared to that of the La-cuprate superconductor
H Sakakibara, H Usui, K Kuroki, R Arita, H Aoki
Physical review letters 105 (5), 057003, 2010
Ground-state decay rate for the Zener breakdown in band and Mott insulators
T Oka, H Aoki
Physical review letters 95 (13), 137601, 2005
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