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Exploring the potential of Operator 4.0 interface and monitoring
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A method for reducing the energy consumption of pick-and-place industrial robots
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Energy efficient use of multirobot production lines in the automotive industry: Detailed system modeling and optimization
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Improving robotic machining accuracy through experimental error investigation and modular compensation
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Benchmarking of tools for user experience analysis in industry 4.0
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Optimization of the energy consumption of industrial robots for automatic code generation
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Digital twin for smart manufacturing: A review of concepts towards a practical industrial implementation
L Lattanzi, R Raffaeli, M Peruzzini, M Pellicciari
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How to include User eXperience in the design of Human-Robot Interaction
E Prati, M Peruzzini, M Pellicciari, R Raffaeli
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A workcell calibration method for enhancing accuracy in robot machining of aerospace parts
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A comparative study on computer-integrated set-ups to design human-centred manufacturing systems
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Machining with industrial robots: the COMET project approach
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Hybrid Reconfigurable System design and optimization through virtual prototyping and digital manufacturing tools
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AREUS—Innovative hardware and software for sustainable industrial robotics
M Pellicciari, A Avotins, K Bengtsson, G Berselli, N Bey, B Lennartson, ...
2015 IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering …, 2015
Using virtual manufacturing to design human-centric factories: an industrial case
M Peruzzini, F Grandi, S Cavallaro, M Pellicciari
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Deep learning-based method for vision-guided robotic grasping of unknown objects
L Bergamini, M Sposato, M Pellicciari, M Peruzzini, S Calderara, ...
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Energy-optimal layout design of robotic work cells: Potential assessment on an industrial case study
M Gadaleta, G Berselli, M Pellicciari
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Energy-optimal motions for Servo-Systems: A comparison of spline interpolants and performance indexes using a CAD-based approach
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Engineering method for adaptive manufacturing systems design
M Pellicciari, AO Andrisano, F Leali, A Vergnano
International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) 3, 81-91, 2009
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