Yuping Huang
Yuping Huang
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Ultra-efficient frequency conversion in quasi-phase-matched lithium niobate microrings
JY Chen, ZH Ma, YM Sua, Z Li, C Tang, YP Huang
Optica 6 (9), 1244-1245, 2019
Ultrabright Quantum Photon Sources on Chip
Z Ma, JY Chen, Z Li, C Tang, YM Sua, H Fan, YP Huang
Physical Review Letters 125 (26), 263602, 2020
Creation, detection, and decoherence of macroscopic quantum superposition states in double-well Bose-Einstein condensates
YP Huang, MG Moore
Physical Review A 73 (2), 023606, 2006
Efficient parametric frequency conversion in lithium niobate nanophotonic chips
J Chen, YM Sua, Z Ma, C Tang, Z Li, Y Huang
OSA Continuum 2 (10), 2914-2924, 2019
Multidimensional mode-separable frequency conversion for high-speed quantum communication
P Manurkar, N Jain, M Silver, YP Huang, C Langrock, MM Fejer, P Kumar, ...
Optica 3 (12), 1300-1307, 2016
High-extinction electro-optic modulation on lithium niobate thin film
M Jin, JY Chen, YM Sua, YP Huang
Optics letters 44 (5), 1265-1268, 2019
Modal phase matched lithium niobate nanocircuits for integrated nonlinear photonics
JY Chen, YM Sua, H Fan, YP Huang
OSA Continuum 1 (1), 229-242, 2018
Interaction-and measurement-free quantum Zeno gates for universal computation with single-atom and single-photon qubits
YP Huang, MG Moore
Physical Review A 77 (6), 062332, 2008
Quantum parametric mode sorting: Beating the time-frequency filtering
A Shahverdi, YM Sua, L Tumeh, YP Huang
Scientific reports 7 (1), 6495, 2017
Optical sum-frequency generation in a whispering-gallery-mode resonator
DV Strekalov, AS Kowligy, YP Huang, P Kumar
New Journal of Physics 16 (5), 053025, 2014
Noise-tolerant single photon sensitive three-dimensional imager
P Rehain, YM Sua, S Zhu, I Dickson, B Muthuswamy, J Ramanathan, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 921, 2020
Mode-resolved photon counting via cascaded quantum frequency conversion
YP Huang, P Kumar
Optics letters 38 (4), 468-470, 2013
Dynamical correlation in double excitations of helium studied by high-resolution and angular-resolved fast-electron energy-loss spectroscopy in absolute measurements
X Liu, L Zhu, Z Yuan, W Li, H Cheng, Y Huang, Z Zhong, K Xu, JM Li
Physical review letters 91 (19), 193203, 2003
Efficient and highly tunable second-harmonic generation in Z-cut periodically poled lithium niobate nanowaveguides
JY Chen, C Tang, ZH Ma, Z Li, YM Sua, YP Huang
Optics Letters 45 (13), 3789-3792, 2020
Quantum optical arbitrary waveform manipulation and measurement in real time
AS Kowligy, P Manurkar, NV Corzo, VG Velev, M Silver, RP Scott, ...
Optics Express 22 (23), 27942-27957, 2014
Efficient electro-optical modulation on thin-film lithium niobate
M Jin, J Chen, Y Sua, P Kumar, Y Huang
Optics Letters 46 (8), 1884-1887, 2021
Antiparity-time symmetry in passive nanophotonics
H Fan, J Chen, Z Zhao, J Wen, YP Huang
ACS Photonics 7 (11), 3035-3041, 2020
Experimental demonstration of interaction-free all-optical switching via the quantum Zeno effect
KT McCusker, YP Huang, AS Kowligy, P Kumar
Physical review letters 110 (24), 240403, 2013
Large-scale Ising emulation with four body interaction and all-to-all connections
S Kumar, H Zhang, YP Huang
Communications Physics 3 (1), 108, 2020
Direct generation and detection of quantum correlated photons with 3.2 um wavelength spacing
YM Sua, H Fan, A Shahverdi, JY Chen, YP Huang
Scientific reports 7 (1), 17494, 2017
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