Yixiao(Jonas) Cai
Yixiao(Jonas) Cai
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Fast ionic conduction in semiconductor CeO2-δ electrolyte fuel cells
B Wang, B Zhu, S Yun, W Zhang, C Xia, M Afzal, Y Cai, Y Liu, Y Wang, ...
NPG Asia Materials 11 (1), 51, 2019
Electrochemical and electrical properties of doped CeO2-ZnO composite for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cell applications
Z Qiao, C Xia, Y Cai, M Afzal, H Wang, J Qiao, B Zhu
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Superionic Conductivity of Sm3+, Pr3+, and Nd3+ Triple-Doped Ceria through Bulk and Surface Two-Step Doping Approach
Y Liu, L Fan, Y Cai, W Zhang, B Wang, B Zhu
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (28), 23614-23623, 2017
Gold nanowire based electrical DNA detection using rolling circle amplification
C Russell, K Welch, J Jarvius, Y Cai, R Brucas, F Nikolajeff, P Svedlindh, ...
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Preparation and characterization of Sm and Ca co-doped ceria–La 0.6 Sr 0.4 Co 0.2 Fe 0.8 O 3− δ semiconductor–ionic composites for electrolyte-layer-free fuel cells
B Wang, Y Wang, L Fan, Y Cai, C Xia, Y Liu, R Raza, PA van Aken, ...
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3D core–shell porous-structured Cu@ Sn hybrid electrodes with unprecedented selective CO 2-into-formate electroreduction achieving 100%
X Hou, Y Cai, D Zhang, L Li, X Zhang, Z Zhu, L Peng, Y Liu, J Qiao
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Industrial-grade rare-earth and perovskite oxide for high-performance electrolyte layer-free fuel cell
C Xia, B Wang, Y Ma, Y Cai, M Afzal, Y Liu, Y He, W Zhang, W Dong, J Li, ...
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Current international research into cellulose as a functional nanomaterial for advanced applications
SJ Eichhorn, A Etale, J Wang, LA Berglund, Y Li, Y Cai, C Chen, ...
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Semiconductor-ionic membrane of LaSrCoFe-oxide-doped ceria solid oxide fuel cells
B Wang, Y Cai, C Xia, JS Kim, Y Liu, W Dong, H Wang, M Afzal, J Li, ...
Electrochimica Acta 248, 496-504, 2017
A Bulk-Heterostructure Nanocomposite Electrolyte of Ce0.8Sm0.2O2-δ–SrTiO3 for Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Y Cai, Y Chen, M Akbar, B Jin, Z Tu, N Mushtaq, B Wang, X Qu, C Xia, ...
Nano-micro letters 13, 1-14, 2021
Co-variation between distribution of microbial communities and biological metabolization of organics in urban sewer systems
P Jin, X Shi, G Sun, L Yang, Y Cai, XC Wang
Environmental science & technology 52 (3), 1270-1279, 2018
Heteroatom (B, N and P) doped porous graphene foams for efficient oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalysis
F Dong, Y Cai, C Liu, J Liu, J Qiao
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Semiconductor electrolyte for low-operating-temperature solid oxide fuel cell: Li-doped ZnO
C Xia, Z Qiao, L Shen, X Liu, Y Cai, Y Xu, J Qiao, H Wang
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 43 (28), 12825-12834, 2018
Scalable, self-cleaning and self-floating bi-layered bacterial cellulose biofoam for efficient solar evaporator with photocatalytic purification
D Zhang, M Zhang, S Chen, Q Liang, N Sheng, Z Han, Y Cai, H Wang
Desalination 500, 114899, 2021
The fuel cells studies from ionic electrolyte Ce0. 8Sm0. 05Ca0. 15O2− δ to the mixture layers with semiconductor Ni0. 8Co0. 15Al0. 05LiO2− δ
W Zhang, Y Cai, B Wang, H Deng, C Feng, W Dong, J Li, B Zhu
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Natural mineral-based solid oxide fuel cell with heterogeneous nanocomposite derived from hematite and rare-earth minerals
C Xia, Y Cai, Y Ma, B Wang, W Zhang, M Karlsson, Y Wu, B Zhu
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8 (32), 20748-20755, 2016
Polyethylene glycol induced reconstructing Bi nanoparticle size for stabilized CO2 electroreduction to formate
X Zhang, X Hou, Q Zhang, Y Cai, Y Liu, J Qiao
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Mixed ionic-electronic conductor membrane based fuel cells by incorporating semiconductor Ni0. 8Co0. 15Al0. 05LiO2− δ into the Ce0. 8Sm0. 2O2− δ-Na2CO3 electrolyte
W Zhang, Y Cai, B Wang, C Xia, W Dong, J Li, B Zhu
international journal of hydrogen energy 41 (34), 15346-15353, 2016
Solid oxide fuel cell technology for sustainable development in China: An over-view
Y Lu, Y Cai, L Souamy, X Song, L Zhang, J Wang
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Strategy towards cost-effective low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells: A mixed-conductive membrane comprised of natural minerals and perovskite oxide
C Xia, Y Cai, B Wang, M Afzal, W Zhang, A Soltaninazarlou, B Zhu
Journal of Power Sources 342, 779-786, 2017
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