Kirill Kavokin
Kirill Kavokin
Ioffe Institute and St.Petersburg State University, St.Petersburg, Russia
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Low-temperature spin relaxation in n-type GaAs
RI Dzhioev, KV Kavokin, VL Korenev, MV Lazarev, BY Meltser, ...
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Direct observation of the electron spin relaxation induced by nuclei in quantum dots
PF Braun, X Marie, L Lombez, B Urbaszek, T Amand, P Renucci, ...
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M Vladimirova, S Cronenberger, D Scalbert, KV Kavokin, A Miard, ...
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KV Kavokin
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P Renucci, T Amand, X Marie, P Senellart, J Bloch, B Sermage, ...
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IA Akimov, KV Kavokin, A Hundt, F Henneberger
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KV Kavokin, MA Kaliteevski, RA Abram, AV Kavokin, S Sharkova, ...
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Spin relaxation of localized electrons in n-type semiconductors
KV Kavokin
Semiconductor Science and Technology 23 (11), 114009, 2008
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EA Chekhovich, MN Makhonin, KV Kavokin, AB Krysa, MS Skolnick, ...
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Semiconductor microcavity as a spin-dependent optoelectronic device
I Shelykh, KV Kavokin, AV Kavokin, G Malpuech, P Bigenwald, H Deng, ...
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Proposal for a bosonic cascade laser
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DR Yakovlev, KV Kavokin
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Spin redistribution due to Pauli blocking in quantum dots
VK Kalevich, M Paillard, KV Kavokin, X Marie, AR Kovsh, T Amand, ...
Physical Review B 64 (4), 045309, 2001
Symmetry of anisotropic exchange interactions in semiconductor nanostructures
KV Kavokin
Physical Review B 69 (7), 075302, 2004
Multiple Mn 2+-spin-flip Raman scattering at high fields via magnetic polaron states in semimagnetic quantum wells
J Stühler, G Schaack, M Dahl, A Waag, G Landwehr, KV Kavokin, ...
Physical review letters 74 (13), 2567, 1995
Fine structure of the quantum‐dot trion
KV Kavokin
physica status solidi (a) 195 (3), 592-595, 2003
Spin dynamics of interacting exciton polaritons in microcavities
I Shelykh, G Malpuech, KV Kavokin, AV Kavokin, P Bigenwald
Physical Review B 70 (11), 115301, 2004
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