Yichao Wang
Yichao Wang
ARC Future Fellow, Western Sydney University
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Physisorption-based charge transfer in two-dimensional SnS2 for selective and reversible NO2 gas sensing
JZ Ou, W Ge, B Carey, T Daeneke, A Rotbart, W Shan, Y Wang, Z Fu, ...
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Y Wang, JZ Ou, S Balendhran, AF Chrimes, M Mortazavi, DD Yao, ...
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Chitosan-modified PLGA nanoparticles with versatile surface for improved drug delivery
Y Wang, P Li, L Kong
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Manufacturing Techniques and Surface Engineering of Polymer Based Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery to Cancer
Y Wang, P Li, T Truong-Dinh Tran, J Zhang, L Kong
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Development of chitosan nanoparticles as drug delivery systems for 5-fluorouracil and leucovorin blends
P Li, Y Wang, Z Peng, F She, L Kong
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Y Wang, JZ Ou, AF Chrimes, BJ Carey, T Daeneke, MMYA Alsaif, ...
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Characterization of metal contacts for two-dimensional MoS2 nanoflakes
S Walia, S Balendhran, Y Wang, R Ab Kadir, A Sabirin Zoolfakar, P Atkin, ...
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Liquid Metal/Metal Oxide Frameworks with Incorporated Ga2O3 for Photocatalysis
W Zhang, BS Naidu, JZ Ou, AP O’Mullane, AF Chrimes, BJ Carey, ...
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Spatiotemporal patterns of PM10 concentrations over China during 2005–2016: A satellite-based estimation using the random forests approach
G Chen, Y Wang, S Li, W Cao, H Ren, LD Knibbs, MJ Abramson, Y Guo
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Synthesis and characterization of folate conjugated chitosan and cellular uptake of its nanoparticles in HT-29 cells
P Li, Y Wang, F Zeng, L Chen, Z Peng, LX Kong
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Degenerately Hydrogen Doped Molybdenum Oxide Nanodisks for Ultrasensitive Plasmonic Biosensing
BY Zhang, A Zavabeti, AF Chrimes, F Haque, LA O'Dell, H Khan, N Syed, ...
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2D WS2/carbon dot hybrids with enhanced photocatalytic activity
P Atkin, T Daeneke, Y Wang, BJ Carey, KJ Berean, RM Clark, JZ Ou, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (35), 13563-13571, 2016
A more stable lithium anode by mechanical constriction for solid state batteries
Y Su, L Ye, W Fitzhugh, Y Wang, E Gil-González, I Kim, X Li
Energy & Environmental Science 13 (3), 908-916, 2020
Sonication‐Assisted Synthesis of Gallium Oxide Suspensions Featuring Trap State Absorption: Test of Photochemistry
N Syed, A Zavabeti, M Mohiuddin, B Zhang, Y Wang, RS Datta, P Atkin, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (43), 1702295, 2017
Engineering two-dimensional metal oxides and chalcogenides for enhanced electro- and photocatalysis
Y Wang, B Ren, J Ou, K Xu, C Yang, Y Li, H Zhang
Science Bulletin 66 (12), 1228-1252, 2021
Targeted delivery of 5-fluorouracil to HT-29 cells using high efficient folic acid-conjugated nanoparticles
Y Wang, P Li, L Chen, W Gao, F Zeng, LX Kong
Drug delivery 22 (2), 191-198, 2015
Quasi physisorptive two dimensional tungsten oxide nanosheets with extraordinary sensitivity and selectivity to NO2
H Khan, A Zavabeti, Y Wang, CJ Harrison, BJ Carey, M Mohiuddin, ...
Nanoscale 9 (48), 19162-19175, 2017
Amorphous MoSx Coated TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for Enhanced Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Z Liu, X Zhang, B Wang, M Xia, S Gao, X Liu, A Zavabeti, JZ Ou, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (24), 12589-12597, 2018
Enhanced gas permeation through graphene nanocomposites
KJ Berean, JZ Ou, M Nour, MR Field, MMYA Alsaif, Y Wang, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (24), 13700-13712, 2015
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