John Lawall
John Lawall
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United time-frequency spectroscopy for dynamics and global structure
A Marian, MC Stowe, JR Lawall, D Felinto, J Ye
science 306 (5704), 2063-2068, 2004
Michelson interferometry with 10 pm accuracy
J Lawall, E Kessler
Review of Scientific Instruments 71 (7), 2669-2676, 2000
Creating Polarization-Entangled Photon Pairs from a Semiconductor Quantum Dot<? format?> Using the Optical Stark Effect
A Muller, W Fang, J Lawall, GS Solomon
Physical review letters 103 (21), 217402, 2009
Demonstration of a novel atomic beam splitter
J Lawall, M Prentiss
Physical review letters 72 (7), 993, 1994
Three-dimensional laser cooling of helium beyond the single-photon recoil limit
J Lawall, S Kulin, B Saubamea, N Bigelow, M Leduc, C Cohen-Tannoudji
Physical review letters 75 (23), 4194, 1995
Heterodyne interferometer with subatomic periodic nonlinearity
C Wu, J Lawall, RD Deslattes
Applied optics 38 (19), 4089-4094, 1999
Two-dimensional subrecoil laser cooling
J Lawall, F Bardou, B Saubamea, K Shimizu, M Leduc, A Aspect, ...
Physical review letters 73 (14), 1915, 1994
Resolved Sideband Emission of Quantum Dots Strained by Surface Acoustic Waves
M Metcalfe, SM Carr, A Muller, GS Solomon, J Lawall
Physical review letters 105 (3), 037401, 2010
Ultrahigh-finesse, low-mode-volume Fabry–Perot microcavity
A Muller, EB Flagg, JR Lawall, GS Solomon
Optics letters 35 (13), 2293-2295, 2010
Emission spectrum of a dressed exciton-biexciton complex in a semiconductor quantum dot
A Muller, W Fang, J Lawall, GS Solomon
Physical review letters 101 (2), 027401, 2008
Fabry–Perot metrology for displacements up to 50 mm
JR Lawall
JOSA A 22 (12), 2786-2798, 2005
Single Self-Assembled Quantum Dots in Photonic Nanostructures: The Role of Nanofabrication
J Liu, K Konthasinghe, M Davanço, J Lawall, V Anant, V Verma, R Mirin, ...
Physical review applied 9 (6), 064019, 2018
Coupling an epitaxial quantum dot to a fiber-based external-mirror microcavity
A Muller, EB Flagg, M Metcalfe, J Lawall, GS Solomon
Applied Physics Letters 95 (17), 2009
Quantum frequency conversion of a quantum dot single-photon source on a nanophotonic chip
A Singh, Q Li, S Liu, Y Yu, X Lu, C Schneider, S Höfling, J Lawall, ...
Optica 6 (5), 563-569, 2019
Coherent manipulation of atomic wave packets by adiabatic transfer
S Kulin, B Saubamea, E Peik, J Lawall, TW Hijmans, M Leduc, ...
Physical review letters 78 (22), 4185, 1997
Mode competition and anomalous cooling in a multimode phonon laser
U Kemiktarak, M Durand, M Metcalfe, J Lawall
Physical review letters 113 (3), 030802, 2014
Mechanically compliant grating reflectors for optomechanics
U Kemiktarak, M Metcalfe, M Durand, J Lawall
Applied Physics Letters 100 (6), 2012
Cavity optomechanics with sub-wavelength grating mirrors
U Kemiktarak, M Durand, M Metcalfe, J Lawall
New Journal of Physics 14 (12), 125010, 2012
High-precision isotope-shift measurement of S-P transition in helium
P Zhao, JR Lawall, FM Pipkin
Physical review letters 66 (5), 592, 1991
Observation of optomechanical buckling transitions
H Xu, U Kemiktarak, J Fan, S Ragole, J Lawall, JM Taylor
Nature communications 8 (1), 14481, 2017
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