Wende Xiao
Wende Xiao
Department of Chemical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
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Simulation and experiment study of dimethyl ether synthesis from syngas in a fluidized-bed reactor
WZ Lu, LH Teng, WD Xiao
Chemical Engineering Science 59 (22-23), 5455-5464, 2004
Modeling of diffusion and reaction in monolithic catalysts for the methanol-to-propylene process
W Guo, W Wu, M Luo, W Xiao
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W Wu, W Guo, W Xiao, M Luo
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YJ Fang, WD Xiao
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HP Luo, WD Xiao, KH Zhu
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X Huang, D Aihemaitijiang, WD Xiao
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Methanol conversion to olefins (MTO) over H-ZSM-5: Evidence of product distribution governed by methanol conversion
W Wu, W Guo, W Xiao, M Luo
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Q Lin, Y Ji, ZD Jiang, WD Xiao
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Insight into the side reactions in methanol-to-olefin process over HZSM-5: A kinetic study
X Huang, H Li, WD Xiao, D Chen
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Theoretical analysis of fluidized-bed reactor for dimethyl ether synthesis from syngas
WZ Lu, LH Teng, WD Xiao
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An algorithm for simultaneous chemical and phase equilibrium calculation
W Xiao, K Zhu, W Yuan, HH Chien
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Co-reaction of methanol and olefins on the high silicon HZSM-5 catalyst: A kinetic study
X Huang, D Aihemaitijiang, WD Xiao
Chemical Engineering Journal 286, 150-164, 2016
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