Nuo Xu
Nuo Xu
TSMC; Samsung; IMEC; Synopsys; UC Berkeley
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Characteristics and mechanism of conduction/set process in TiN∕ ZnO∕ Pt resistance switching random-access memories
N Xu, L Liu, X Sun, X Liu, D Han, Y Wang, R Han, J Kang, B Yu
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Reconfigurable Skyrmion Logic Gates
S Luo, M Song, X Li, Y Zhang, J Hong, X Yang, X Zou, N Xu, L You
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Bipolar switching behavior in TiN/ZnO/Pt resistive nonvolatile memory with fast switching and long retention
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Resistive Switching in Films for Nonvolatile Memory Application
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B Sun, YX Liu, LF Liu, N Xu, Y Wang, XY Liu, RQ Han, JF Kang
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Mr-gnn: Multi-resolution and dual graph neural network for predicting structured entity interactions
N Xu, P Wang, L Chen, J Tao, J Zhao
arXiv preprint arXiv:1905.09558, 2019
A spin–orbit‐torque memristive device
S Zhang, S Luo, N Xu, Q Zou, M Song, J Yun, Q Luo, Z Guo, R Li, W Tian, ...
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Hybrid CMOS/BEOL-NEMS technology for ultra-low-power IC applications
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Effectiveness of stressors in aggressively scaled FinFETs
N Xu, B Ho, M Choi, V Moroz, TJK Liu
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Fully Functional Logic‐In‐Memory Operations Based on a Reconfigurable Finite‐State Machine Using a Single Memristor
N Xu, KJ Yoon, KM Kim, L Fang, CS Hwang
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ZrO2 Ferroelectric FET for Non-volatile Memory Application
H Liu, C Wang, G Han, J Li, Y Peng, Y Liu, X Wang, N Zhong, C Duan, ...
IEEE Electron Device Letters, 2019
Voltage-Controlled Skyrmion Memristor for Energy-Efficient Synapse Applications
S Luo, N Xu, Z Guo, Y Zhang, J Hong, L You
IEEE Electron Device Letters, 2019
Enhancement of band-to-band tunneling in mono-layer transition metal dichalcogenides two-dimensional materials by vacancy defects
XW Jiang, J Gong, N Xu, SS Li, J Zhang, Y Hao, LW Wang
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Investigation of Self-Heating Effect on Hot Carrier Degradation in Multiple-Fin SOI FinFETs
H Jiang, X Liu, N Xu, Y He, G Du, X Zhang
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Gd doping improved resistive switching characteristics of TiO2-based resistive memory devices
RQH Li-Feng Liu, Jin-Feng Kang, Nuo Xu, Xiao Sun, Chen Chen, Bing Sun, Yi ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 47 (4), 2701-2703, 2008
Carrier-mobility enhancement via strain engineering in future thin-body MOSFETs
N Xu, B Ho, F Andrieu, L Smith, BY Nguyen, O Weber, T Poiroux, ...
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STT-MRAM Design Technology Co-optimization for Hardware Neural Networks
N Xu, Y Lu, W Qi, Z Jiang, X Peng, F Chen, J Wang, W Choi, S Yu, ...
Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 2018 IEEE International, 2018
A unified approach for trap-aware device/circuit co-design in nanoscale CMOS technology
R Wang, M Luo, S Guo, R Huang, C Liu, J Zou, J Wang, J Wu, N Xu, ...
2013 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, 33.5. 1-33.5. 4, 2013
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