Ivica Kožar
Ivica Kožar
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Microplane model for concrete with relaxed kinematic constraint
J Ožbolt, Y Li, I Kožar
International Journal of Solids and Structures 38 (16), 2683-2711, 2001
Computational aspects of vector‐like parametrization of three‐dimensional finite rotations
A Ibrahimbegović, F Frey, I Kožar
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 38 (21), 3653-3673, 1995
Novel anisotropic continuum-discrete damage model capable of representing localized failure of massive structures: Part I: theoretical formulation and numerical implementation
D Brancherie, A Ibrahimbegovic
Engineering Computations 26 (1/2), 100-127, 2009
Failure of plain concrete beam at impact load: 3D finite element analysis
V Travaš, J Ožbolt, I Kožar
International journal of fracture 160 (1), 31, 2009
Discrete bond element for 3D finite element analysis of reinforced concrete structures
J Ožbolt, S Lettow, I Kožar
Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium: Bond in Concrete-from …, 2002
Multi-scale modelling of heterogeneous structures with inelastic constitutive behavior: Part II–software coupling implementation aspects
R Niekamp, D Markovic, A Ibrahimbegovic, HG Matthies, RL Taylor
Engineering computations 26 (1/2), 6-28, 2009
Multiscale in time and stability analysis of operator split solution procedures applied to thermomechanical problems
C Kassiotis, JB Colliat, A Ibrahimbegovic, HG Matthies
Engineering Computations 26 (1/2), 205-223, 2009
Finite element formulation of the finite rotation solid element
I Kožar, A Ibrahimbegović
Finite elements in analysis and design 20 (2), 101-126, 1995
Instationäres 3D Thermo‐mechanisches Modell für Beton
J Ožbolt, I Kožar, R Eligehausen, G Periškić
Beton‐und Stahlbetonbau 100 (1), 39-51, 2005
Failure model for heterogeneous structures using structured meshes and accounting for probability aspects
M Hautefeuille, S Melnyk, JB Colliat, A Ibrahimbegovic
Engineering Computations 26 (1/2), 166-184, 2009
Some aspects of load-rate sensitivity in visco-elastic microplane material model
I Kozar, J Ozbolt
Computers and Concrete 7 (4), 317-329, 2010
Non‐linear Wilson's brick element for finite elastic deformations of three‐dimensional solids
A Ibrahimbegović, I Kožar
Communications in numerical methods in engineering 11 (8), 655-664, 1995
„Microplane Model for Quasibrittle Materials-Part II Verification and Numerical Examples for Concrete “
J Ozbolt, Y Li, I Kozar
IWB-Report No, 1996
Spectral method in realistic modelling of bridges under moving vehicles
I Kožar, NT Malić
Engineering structures 50, 149-157, 2013
Influence of the reinforcement on penetration and perforation of concrete targets: a discrete element analysis
W Shiu, F Victor Donzé, L Daudeville
Engineering Computations 26 (1/2), 29-45, 2009
Microplane model for concrete–mixed approach
J Ožbolt, YJ Li, I Kozar
Submitted for publication in IJSS, 1997
Security aspects of vertical actions on bridge structure: Comparison of earthquake and vehicle induced dynamical forces
I Kožar
Engineering Computations 26 (1/2), 145-165, 2009
Extreme man-made and natural hazards in dynamics of structures
A Ibrahimbegovic, I Kozar
Springer Science & Business Media, 2007
Partitioning based reduced order modelling approach for transient analyses of large structures
D Markovic, A Ibrahimbegovic, KC Park
Engineering Computations 26 (1/2), 46-68, 2009
Nonlinear impact dynamics and field transfer suitable for parametric design studies
A Ibrahimbegovic, G Hervé, P Villon
Engineering Computations 26 (1/2), 185-204, 2009
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