Rafael Zola
Rafael Zola
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Light-driven reversible handedness inversion in self-organized helical superstructures
M Mathews, RS Zola, S Hurley, DK Yang, TJ White, TJ Bunning, Q Li
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (51), 18361-18366, 2010
Dynamic Control of Light Direction Enabled by Stimuli‐Responsive Liquid Crystal Gratings
RS Zola, HK Bisoyi, H Wang, AM Urbas, TJ Bunning, Q Li
Advanced Materials 31 (7), 1806172, 2019
Light‐directing omnidirectional circularly polarized reflection from liquid‐crystal droplets
J Fan, Y Li, HK Bisoyi, RS Zola, D Yang, TJ Bunning, DA Weitz, Q Li
Angewandte Chemie 127 (7), 2188-2192, 2015
NIR light-directing self-organized 3D photonic superstructures loaded with anisotropic plasmonic hybrid nanorods
H KrishnaáBisoyi
Chemical Communications 51 (81), 15039-15042, 2015
Thermally reversible full color selective reflection in a self-organized helical superstructure enabled by a bent-core oligomesogen exhibiting a twist-bend nematic phase
Y Wang, Z Zheng, HK Bisoyi, KG Gutierrez-Cuevas, L Wang, RS Zola, ...
Materials Horizons 3, 442-446, 2016
Mechanism of electrically induced photonic band gap broadening in polymer stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals with negative dielectric anisotropies
H Nemati, S Liu, RS Zola, VP Tondiglia, KM Lee, T White, T Bunning, ...
Soft Matter 11, 1208-1213, 2015
Bandwidth broadening induced by ionic interactions in polymer stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals
VP Tondiglia, LV Natarajan, CA Bailey, ME McConney, KM Lee, ...
Optical Materials Express 4 (7), 1465-1472, 2014
Optically reconfigurable chiral microspheres of self-organized helical superstructures with handedness inversion
HK Bisoyi
Materials horizons 4 (6), 1190-1195, 2017
Thermally, photochemically and electrically switchable reflection colors from self-organized chiral bent-core liquid crystals
M Mathews, RS Zola, D Yang, Q Li
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (7), 2098-2103, 2011
Elastic continuum theory: towards understanding of the twist-bend nematic phases
G Barbero, LR Evangelista, MP Rosseto, RS Zola, I Lelidis
Physical Review E 92 (3), 030501, 2015
Controllable Dynamic Zigzag Pattern Formation in a Soft Helical Superstructure
Z Zheng, RS Zola, HK Bisoyi, L Wang, Y Li, TJ Bunning, Q Li
Advanced Materials 29, 1701903, 2017
Surface induced phase separation and pattern formation at the isotropic interface in chiral nematic liquid crystals
RS Zola, LR Evangelista, YC Yang, DK Yang
Physical Review Letters 110 (5), 057801, 2013
Memory effect in the adsorption phenomena of neutral particles
RS Zola, EK Lenzi, LR Evangelista, G Barbero
Physical Review E 75 (4), 042601, 2007
Alignment layers with variable anchoring strengths from polyvinyl alcohol
Y Cui, RS Zola, YC Yang, DK Yang
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (6), 063520, 2012
Chitosan/gellan gum ratio content into blends modulates the scaffolding capacity of hydrogels on bone mesenchymal stem cells
AC de Oliveira, RM Sabino, PR Souza, EC Muniz, KC Popat, MJ Kipper, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 106, 110258, 2020
Non-Debye relaxation in the dielectric response of nematic liquid crystals: Surface and memory effects in the adsorption-desorption process of ionic impurities
JL De Paula, PA Santoro, RS Zola, EK Lenzi, LR Evangelista, F Ciuchi, ...
Physical Review E 86 (5), 051705, 2012
Learning physical properties of liquid crystals with deep convolutional neural networks
HYD Sigaki, EK Lenzi, RS Zola, M Perc, HV Ribeiro
Scientific Reports 10 (1), 1-10, 2020
Unusual diffusing regimes caused by different adsorbing surfaces
VG Guimaraes, HV Ribeiro, Q Li, LR Evangelista, EK Lenzi, RS Zola
Soft Matter 11 (9), 1658-1666, 2015
Investigating the interplay between mechanisms of anomalous diffusion via fractional Brownian walks on a comb-like structure
HV Ribeiro, AA Tateishi, LGA Alves, RS Zola, EK Lenzi
New Journal of Physics 16 (9), 093050, 2014
Poly (vinyl alcohol)/cationic tannin blend films with antioxidant and antimicrobial activities
JA da Cruz, AB da Silva, BBS Ramin, PR Souza, KC Popat, RS Zola, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 107, 110357, 2020
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