Mark Jarrell
Mark Jarrell
Louisiana State University, Physics and Astronomy and Center for Computation and Technology
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Quantum cluster theories
T Maier, M Jarrell, T Pruschke, MH Hettler
Reviews of Modern Physics 77 (3), 1027-1080, 2005
Bayesian inference and the analytic continuation of imaginary-time quantum Monte Carlo data
M Jarrell, JE Gubernatis
Physics Reports 269 (3), 133-195, 1996
Hubbard model in infinite dimensions: A quantum Monte Carlo study
M Jarrell
Physical review letters 69 (1), 168, 1992
Nonlocal dynamical correlations of strongly interacting electron systems
MH Hettler, AN Tahvildar-Zadeh, M Jarrell, T Pruschke, HR Krishnamurthy
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Anomalous normal-state properties of high-T c superconductors: intrinsic properties of strongly correlated electron systems?
T Pruschke, M Jarrell, JK Freericks
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Quantum Monte Carlo simulations and maximum entropy: Dynamics from imaginary-time data
JE Gubernatis, M Jarrell, RN Silver, DS Sivia
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Dynamical cluster approximation: Nonlocal dynamics of correlated electron systems
MH Hettler, M Mukherjee, M Jarrell, HR Krishnamurthy
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Hubbard model at infinite dimensions: Thermodynamic and transport properties
T Pruschke, DL Cox, M Jarrell
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Systematic Study of -Wave Superconductivity in the 2D Repulsive Hubbard Model
TA Maier, M Jarrell, TC Schulthess, PRC Kent, JB White
Physical review letters 95 (23), 237001, 2005
Quantum Monte Carlo algorithm for nonlocal corrections to the dynamical mean-field approximation
M Jarrell, T Maier, C Huscroft, S Moukouri
Physical Review B 64 (19), 195130, 2001
Holstein model in infinite dimensions
JK Freericks, M Jarrell, DJ Scalapino
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d-wave superconductivity in the Hubbard model
T Maier, M Jarrell, T Pruschke, J Keller
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Pseudogap and antiferromagnetic correlations in the Hubbard model
A Macridin, M Jarrell, T Maier, PRC Kent, E D’Azevedo
Physical review letters 97 (3), 036401, 2006
Symmetric periodic Anderson model in infinite dimensions
M Jarrell
Physical Review B 51 (12), 7429, 1995
Systematic and causal corrections to the coherent potential approximation
M Jarrell, HR Krishnamurthy
Physical Review B 63 (12), 125102, 2001
Quantum Monte Carlo study of the two-dimensional fermion Hubbard model
CN Varney, CR Lee, ZJ Bai, S Chiesa, M Jarrell, RT Scalettar
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 80 (7), 075116, 2009
Spectral densities of the symmetric Anderson model
RN Silver, JE Gubernatis, DS Sivia, M Jarrell
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Pseudogaps in the 2D Hubbard model
C Huscroft, M Jarrell, T Maier, S Moukouri, AN Tahvildarzadeh
Physical review letters 86 (1), 139, 2001
Magnetic and dynamic properties of the Hubbard model in infinite dimensions
M Jarrell, T Pruschke
Zeitschrift für Physik B Condensed Matter 90 (2), 187-194, 1993
Low-energy scale of the periodic Anderson model
T Pruschke, R Bulla, M Jarrell
Physical Review B 61 (19), 12799, 2000
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