Shengqi Yang
Shengqi Yang
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Mining invariants from console logs for system problem detection
JG Lou, Q Fu, S Yang, Y Xu, J Li
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Towards effective partition management for large graphs
S Yang, X Yan, B Zong, A Khan
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Mining program workflow from interleaved traces
JG Lou, Q Fu, S Yang, J Li, B Wu
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A multi-lingual multi-task architecture for low-resource sequence labeling
Y Lin, S Yang, V Stoyanov, H Ji
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Schemaless and structureless graph querying
S Yang, Y Wu, H Sun, X Yan
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A distributed algorithm to enumerate all maximal cliques in mapreduce
B Wu, S Yang, H Zhao, B Wang
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Fast top-k search in knowledge graphs
S Yang, F Han, Y Wu, X Yan
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Memory efficient minimum substring partitioning
Y Li, P Kamousi, F Han, S Yang, X Yan, S Suri
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Ontology-based subgraph querying
Y Wu, S Yang, X Yan
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Group CRM: a new telecom CRM framework from social network perspective
B Wu, Q Ye, S Yang, B Wang
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Summarizing answer graphs induced by keyword queries
Y Wu, S Yang, M Srivatsa, A Iyengar, X Yan
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Exploiting relevance feedback in knowledge graph search
Y Su, S Yang, H Sun, M Srivatsa, S Kase, M Vanni, X Yan
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Efficient dense structure mining using mapreduce
S Yang, B Wang, H Zhao, B Wu
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SLQ: A user-friendly graph querying system
S Yang, Y Xie, Y Wu, T Wu, H Sun, J Wu, X Yan
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Framework for tracking the event-based evolution in social networks
吴斌, 王柏, 杨胜琦
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Fine-grained knowledge sharing in collaborative environments
Z Guan, S Yang, H Sun, M Srivatsa, X Yan
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Answering why-questions by exemplars in attributed graphs
MH Namaki, Q Song, Y Wu, S Yang
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Modularity modeling and evaluation in community detecting of complex network based on information entropy
XL Deng, B Wang, B Wu, SQ Yang
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Distributed graph query processing in dynamic networks
M Srivatsa, V Kawadia, S Yang
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Multidimensional views on mobile call network
S Yang, B Wu, B Wang
Frontiers of Computer Science in China 3, 335-346, 2009
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