Michael B. Reiser
Michael B. Reiser
Group Leader, Janelia Research Campus
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Visual place learning in Drosophila melanogaster
TA Ofstad, CS Zuker, MB Reiser
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Two-photon calcium imaging from head-fixed Drosophila during optomotor walking behavior
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A genetic, genomic, and computational resource for exploring neural circuit function
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Mapping the neural substrates of behavior
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Direct observation of ON and OFF pathways in the Drosophila visual system
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Ultra-selective looming detection from radial motion opponency
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Real neuroscience in virtual worlds
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Simple integration of fast excitation and offset, delayed inhibition computes directional selectivity in Drosophila
E Gruntman, S Romani, MB Reiser
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Behavioral state modulates the ON visual motion pathway of Drosophila
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Neural correlates of illusory motion perception in Drosophila
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Drosophila fly straight by fixating objects in the face of expanding optic flow
MB Reiser, MH Dickinson
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A test bed for insect-inspired robotic control
MB Reiser, MH Dickinson
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A …, 2003
A functionally ordered visual feature map in the Drosophila brain
NC Klapoetke, A Nern, EM Rogers, GM Rubin, MB Reiser, GM Card
Neuron 110 (10), 1700-1711. e6, 2022
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