Caroline Brennetot
Caroline Brennetot
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Heterogeneity of neuroblastoma cell identity defined by transcriptional circuitries
V Boeva, C Louis-Brennetot, A Peltier, S Durand, C Pierre-Eugène, ...
Nature genetics 49 (9), 1408-1413, 2017
KRAS and BRAF oncogenic mutations in MSS colorectal carcinoma progression
C Oliveira, S Velho, C Moutinho, A Ferreira, A Preto, E Domingo, ...
Oncogene 26 (1), 158-163, 2007
JUN oncogene amplification and overexpression block adipocytic differentiation in highly aggressive sarcomas
O Mariani, C Brennetot, JM Coindre, N Gruel, C Ganem, O Delattre, ...
Cancer cell 11 (4), 361-374, 2007
MDM2 and CDK4 immunohistochemistry is a valuable tool in the differential diagnosis of low-grade osteosarcomas and other primary fibro-osseous lesions of the bone
F Dujardin, MBN Binh, C Bouvier, A Gomez-Brouchet, F Larousserie, ...
Modern Pathology 24 (5), 624-637, 2011
Two types of chromosome 1p losses with opposite significance in gliomas
A Idbaih, Y Marie, G Pierron, C Brennetot, K Hoang‐Xuan, M Kujas, ...
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BRAF mutations characterize colon but not gastric cancer with mismatch repair deficiency
C Oliveira, M Pinto, A Duval, C Brennetot, E Domingo, E Espín, ...
Oncogene 22 (57), 9192-9196, 2003
Activated BRAF targets proximal colon tumors with mismatch repair deficiency and MLH1 inactivation
E Domingo, E Espín, M Armengol, C Oliveira, M Pinto, A Duval, ...
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VAMP: visualization and analysis of array-CGH, transcriptome and other molecular profiles
PL Rosa, E Viara, P Hupe, G Pierron, S Liva, P Neuvial, I Brito, S Lair, ...
Bioinformatics 22 (17), 2066-2073, 2006
Spatial normalization of array-CGH data
P Neuvial, P Hupé, I Brito, S Liva, É Manié, C Brennetot, F Radvanyi, ...
BMC bioinformatics 7, 1-20, 2006
The mutator pathway is a feature of immunodeficiency-related lymphomas
A Duval, M Raphael, C Brennetot, H Poirel, O Buhard, A Aubry, A Martin, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101 (14), 5002-5007, 2004
Activated Alk triggers prolonged neurogenesis and Ret upregulation providing a therapeutic target in ALK-mutated neuroblastoma
A Cazes, L Lopez-Delisle, K Tsarovina, C Pierre-Eugène, K De Preter, ...
Oncotarget 5 (9), 2688, 2014
Breakpoint features of genomic rearrangements in neuroblastoma with unbalanced translocations and chromothripsis
V Boeva, S Jouannet, R Daveau, V Combaret, C Pierre-Eugene, A Cazes, ...
PloS one 8 (8), e72182, 2013
Mononucleotide repeats BAT‐26 and BAT‐25 accurately detect MSI‐H tumors and predict tumor content: Implications for population screening
C Brennetot, O Buhard, F Jourdan, JF Flejou, A Duval, R Hamelin
International journal of cancer 113 (3), 446-450, 2005
The CDKN2A/CDKN2B/CDK4/CCND1 pathway is pivotal in well‐differentiated and dedifferentiated liposarcoma oncogenesis. An analysis of 104 tumors
C Louis‐Brennetot, JM Coindre, C Ferreira, G Pérot, P Terrier, A Aurias
Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer 50 (11), 896-907, 2011
Characterization of rearrangements involving the ALK gene reveals a novel truncated form associated with tumor aggressiveness in neuroblastoma
A Cazes, C Louis-Brennetot, P Mazot, F Dingli, B Lombard, V Boeva, ...
Cancer research 73 (1), 195-204, 2013
Activated ALK signals through the ERK–ETV5–RET pathway to drive neuroblastoma oncogenesis
L Lopez-Delisle, C Pierre-Eugène, C Louis-Brennetot, D Surdez, ...
Oncogene 37 (11), 1417-1429, 2018
Frequent Ki-ras mutations in gastric tumors of the MSI phenotype
C Brennetot, A Duval, R Hamelin, M Pinto, C Oliveira, R Seruca, ...
Gastroenterology 125 (4), 1282-1283, 2003
Dedifferentiated liposarcoma of the pleura mimicking a malignant solitary fibrous tumor and associated with dedifferentiated liposarcoma of the mediastinum: usefulness of …
M Benchetritt, V Hofman, N Vénissac, C Brennetot, A Italiano, A Aurias, ...
Cancer genetics and cytogenetics 179 (2), 150-155, 2007
Ovarian dysgerminoma and Apert syndrome
C Rouzier, C Soler, P Hofman, C Brennetot, E Bieth, F Pedeutour
Pediatric blood & cancer 50 (3), 696-698, 2008
Study of chromatin remodeling genes implicates SMARCA4 as a putative player in oncogenesis in neuroblastoma
A Bellini, N Bessoltane‐Bentahar, J Bhalshankar, N Clement, V Raynal, ...
International Journal of Cancer 145 (10), 2781-2791, 2019
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