Devdatt Dubhashi
Devdatt Dubhashi
Professor Chalmers
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Concentration of measure for the analysis of randomized algorithms
DP Dubhashi, A Panconesi
Cambridge University Press, 2009
Balls and bins: A study in negative dependence
DP Dubhashi, D Ranjan
BRICS Report Series 3 (25), 1996
Extractive summarization using continuous vector space models
M Kågebäck, O Mogren, N Tahmasebi, D Dubhashi
Proceedings of the 2nd workshop on continuous vector space models and their …, 2014
Mathematical models for covid-19 pandemic: a comparative analysis
A Adiga, D Dubhashi, B Lewis, M Marathe, S Venkatramanan, A Vullikanti
Journal of the Indian Institute of Science 100 (4), 793-807, 2020
Fast distributed algorithms for (weakly) connected dominating sets and linear-size skeletons
D Dubhashi, A Mei, A Panconesi, J Radhakrishnan, A Srinivasan
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The IncP-1 plasmid backbone adapts to different host bacterial species and evolves through homologous recombination
P Norberg, M Bergström, V Jethava, D Dubhashi, M Hermansson
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Bridging the gap between systems biology and medicine
G Clermont, C Auffray, Y Moreau, DM Rocke, D Dalevi, D Dubhashi, ...
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Entity disambiguation in anonymized graphs using graph kernels
L Hermansson, T Kerola, F Johansson, V Jethava, D Dubhashi
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Global graph kernels using geometric embeddings
F Johansson, V Jethava, D Dubhashi, C Bhattacharyya
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Near-optimal, distributed edge colouring via the nibble method
D Dubhashi, DA Grable, A Panconesi
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Clustering by sum of norms: Stochastic incremental algorithm, convergence and cluster recovery
A Panahi, D Dubhashi, FD Johansson, C Bhattacharyya
International conference on machine learning, 2769-2777, 2017
Controlling gene expression with deep generative design of regulatory DNA
J Zrimec, X Fu, AS Muhammad, C Skrekas, V Jauniskis, NK Speicher, ...
Nature communications 13 (1), 5099, 2022
Learning with similarity functions on graphs using matchings of geometric embeddings
FD Johansson, D Dubhashi
Proceedings of the 21th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge …, 2015
Bayesian classifiers for detecting HGT using fixed and variable order markov models of genomic signatures
D Dalevi, D Dubhashi, M Hermansson
Bioinformatics 22 (5), 517-522, 2006
Blue pleiades, a new solution for device discovery and scatternet formation in multi-hop Bluetooth networks
D Dubhashi, O Häggström, G Mambrini, A Panconesi, C Petrioli
Wireless Networks 13, 107-125, 2007
AI dangers: Imagined and real
D Dubhashi, S Lappin
Communications of the ACM 60 (2), 43-45, 2017
Thompson sampling for stochastic bandits with graph feedback
A Tossou, C Dimitrakakis, D Dubhashi
Proceedings of the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence 31 (1), 2017
Negative dependence through the FKG inequality
DP Dubhashi, V Priebe, D Ranjan
Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, 1996
Bayesian optimization in ab initio nuclear physics
A Ekström, C Forssén, C Dimitrakakis, D Dubhashi, HT Johansson, ...
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 46 (9), 095101, 2019
Extractive summarization by aggregating multiple similarities
O Mogren, M Kågebäck, D Dubhashi
Proceedings of the International Conference Recent Advances in Natural …, 2015
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