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Meniscus-assisted solution printing of large-grained perovskite films for high-efficiency solar cells
M He, B Li, X Cui, B Jiang, Y He, Y Chen, D O’Neil, P Szymanski, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 16045, 2017
Photoexcited Surface Frustrated Lewis Pairs for Heterogeneous Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction
KK Ghuman, LB Hoch, P Szymanski, JYY Loh, NP Kherani, MA El-Sayed, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (4), 1206-1214, 2016
Time-and angle-resolved two-photon photoemission studies of electron localization and solvation at interfaces
P Szymanski, S Garrett-Roe, CB Harris
Progress in surface science 78 (1), 1-39, 2005
Electron solvation in two dimensions
AD Miller, I Bezel, KJ Gaffney, S Garrett-Roe, SH Liu, P Szymanski, ...
Science 297 (5584), 1163-1166, 2002
Spatial Separation of Charge Carriers in In2O3–x(OH)y Nanocrystal Superstructures for Enhanced Gas-Phase Photocatalytic Activity
L He, TE Wood, B Wu, Y Dong, LB Hoch, LM Reyes, D Wang, C Kübel, ...
ACS nano 10 (5), 5578-5586, 2016
Near-infrared asymmetrical squaraine sensitizers for highly efficient dye sensitized solar cells: the effect of π-bridges and anchoring groups on solar cell performance
FM Jradi, X Kang, D O’Neil, G Pajares, YA Getmanenko, P Szymanski, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27 (7), 2480-2487, 2015
Carrier dynamics and the role of surface defects: Designing a photocatalyst for gas-phase CO2 reduction
LB Hoch, P Szymanski, KK Ghuman, L He, K Liao, Q Qiao, LM Reyes, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (50), E8011-E8020, 2016
Effect of Molecular Structure Perturbations on the Performance of the D–A− π–A Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
X Kang, J Zhang, D O’Neil, AJ Rojas, W Chen, P Szymanski, SR Marder, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (15), 4486-4493, 2014
Some recent developments in photoelectrochemical water splitting using nanostructured TiO2: a short review
P Szymanski, MA El-Sayed
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 131 (6), 1202, 2012
A Step Toward Efficient Panchromatic Multi-Chromophoric Sensitizers for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
FM Jradi, D O’Neil, X Kang, J Wong, P Szymanski, TC Parker, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27 (18), 6305-6313, 2015
Energy-Transfer Efficiency in Eu-Doped ZnO Thin Films: The Effects of Oxidative Annealing on the Dynamics and the Intermediate Defect States
SM Ahmed, P Szymanski, LM El-Nadi, MA El-Sayed
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (3), 1765-1772, 2014
Tailoring plasmonic and electrostatic field effects to maximize solar energy conversion by bacteriorhodopsin, the other natural photosynthetic system
CW Yen, SC Hayden, EC Dreaden, P Szymanski, MA El-Sayed
Nano letters 11 (9), 3821-3826, 2011
Two-photon photoemission of ultrathin film ptcda morphologies on ag (111)
A Yang, ST Shipman, S Garrett-Roe, J Johns, M Strader, P Szymanski, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (7), 2506-2513, 2008
Role of solvent–oxygen ion pairs in photooxidation of cdse nanocrystal quantum dots
VW Manner, AY Koposov, P Szymanski, VI Klimov, M Sykora
ACS nano 6 (3), 2371-2377, 2012
Evolution of a two-dimensional band structure at a self-assembling interface
AD Miller, KJ Gaffney, SH Liu, P Szymanski, S Garrett-Roe, CM Wong, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 106 (33), 7636-7638, 2002
Direct observation of two-dimensional electron solvation at alcohol/Ag (111) interfaces
SH Liu, AD Miller, KJ Gaffney, P Szymanski, S Garrett-Roe, I Bezel, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 106 (50), 12908-12915, 2002
Electronic Properties and Structure of Assemblies of CdSe Nanocrystal Quantum Dots and Ru‐Polypyridine Complexes Probed by Steady State and Time‐Resolved Photoluminescence
AY Koposov, P Szymanski, T Cardolaccia, TJ Meyer, VI Klimov, M Sykora
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (16), 3159-3168, 2011
Deposition of loosely bound organic D–A–π–A′ dyes on sensitized TiO 2 film: a possible strategy to suppress charge recombination and enhance power conversion efficiency in dye …
X Kang, J Zhang, AJ Rojas, D O'Neil, P Szymanski, SR Marder, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (29), 11229-11234, 2014
The photoluminescence properties of undoped & Eu-doped ZnO thin films grown by RF sputtering on sapphire and silicon substrates
SM Ahmed, P Szymanski, MA El-Sayed, Y Badr, LM El-Nadi
Applied Surface Science 359, 356-363, 2015
Measurement and dynamics of the spatial distribution of an electron localized at a metal–dielectric interface
I Bezel, KJ Gaffney, S Garrett-Roe, SH Liu, AD Miller, P Szymanski, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 120 (2), 845-856, 2004
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